Super Fast AppleCare Service, Replacing My Logic Board And Memory Modules For Free In Regarding To Black Screen Of Death Of Mid 2010 MacBook Pro

I was pleased and still is of AppleCare Service for they had return my mid 2010 MacBook Pro in just exactly three days, and this was included shipping the machine directly to my house.  On arriving to one of many Apple Stores three days ago so Genius could take a look at the BSOD problem of my mid 2010 MacBook Pro, I was shocked to see the place was packed.  I had to watch where I was going in fear of bumping into people.  There I spoke to a stranger while waiting for a Genius agent to see me, she said Apple needed more stores or else the nightmare of waiting would continue.  Luckily, I had made an appointment through the Internet, and a Genius agent came to help me five minutes past my true appointment time.

The meeting with a Genius agent was pleasant.  He was willing to answer all my questions and more.  At one point, he told me that Apple acknowledged the BSOD problem and so I nodded in agreement.  Anyhow, he told me that my machine needed a newer logic board, and it would cost me nothing since Apple had extended one year of warranty for mid 2010 MacBook Pro on BSOD problem only.  My heart sunk as I heard of switching out the old for a newer logic board; I’d heard many people on Apple’s forums said new logic board could not solve their BSOD problem.  I told him the story, and he said Apple also knew of this and had instructed its engineers to use newer type of logic boards.  I reluctantly agreed and allowed him to keep my machine so it could be installed with a new logic board.

I was surprised and still is at the super fast service and the delivery of my mid 2010 MacBook Pro.  Apple used FedEx to ship back my machine.  It cost Apple’s $310 to have my machine fixed.  Anyhow, my machine came back with fresh installation of Mac OS X Lion.  I wasn’t worry since I had used Time Machine to back up my data beforehand.  To be fair, Genius agent had asked me about Time Machine backup in case they had to wipe all data off my machine for fresh installation of Mac OS X.  In the end, I was able to restore my data selectively.  So far so good, I had not experienced a single Black Screen of Death yet.  Crossing my fingers and hope everything will be fine for many days to come.

Here were the parts that Apple replaced for my mid 2010 MacBook Pro:

Problems they found were,

  • SD Card Issue
  • Memory Caused Kernnel Panic

After the replacement of bad components, they tested my hardware and no problem was found!

Apple’s Video Update Failed To Address Black Screen Of Death For Mid 2010 15″ MacBook Pro?

Apparently, I just found out that even though I had installed the new video update from Apple, my mid 2010 MacBook Pro is still experiencing BSOD (Black Screen of Death).  The recent BSOD occurred right after my mid 2010 MacBook Pro was awoken from sleep.  I was wrong about the update would fix BSOD in the article “Apple Releases Video Update To Address Black Screen Of Death And More.”

Crossing my fingers and hoping that Apple will take care of my mid 2010 MacBook Pro’s BSOD problem as I’m going to make an appointment with Genius soon.  Somewhat hopeful to know that Apple promises to service 15″ mid 2010 MacBook Pro computers free of charge until two years from date of purchase.  So, even if users with 15″ mid 2010 MacBook Pro computers who had an expired 1 year warranty will be able to request for Apple’s support still.


Black Screen Of Death Still Occurs After Upgrade To Mac OS X 10.7.2 For Mid 2010 MacBook Pro

Sadly to say, black screen of death still occurs even though my mid 2010 MacBook Pro is now using the latest Mac OS X 10.7.2 patch.  So far, only one black screen of death had occurred after the update/upgrade to Mac OS X 10.7.2 patch.  Let hope black screen of death will occur less frequently than before with this newest update.

Apple please, do something about this black screen of death for mid 2010 MacBook Pro.  It’s not a cheap machine, and users who are experiencing this frequent BSOD will begin to second doubt Apple’s commitments to its customers.  By the way, I’m not one of the few, but many people who are using similar models to my MacBook Pro are experiencing black screen of death and intermittently crashes.  The proof is on this super long Apple community forum’s thread —

Update:  Sort of a good news for Mac users!  Apple has now acknowledged this black screen of death problem for mid 2010 MacBook Pro, because Apple has posted a post at to announce that they’re working on finding a solution for this very problem.  Crossing my fingers again, hoping to see a solution soon!

Mac Users’ Black Screen Of Death Thread Grows Longer Each Day

The thread “Lion randomly crashes – black screen” of Mac users who experience Black Screen of Death continues to grow longer and longer.  As now, the thread is 110 pages long.  After upgrading to Mac OS X Lion, Macbook Pro users continue to experience frequent BSOD.  Even after the latest patch which is Mac OS X Lion 10.7.1, the Macbook Pro that I’m using is still experiencing BSOD intermittently, but not as frequent as before the upgrade of the latest patch.  I’m hoping Apple will release Mac OS X Lion 10.7.2 or something like that soon after the release of iOS 5 which will be released on October 12 so Mac users who have Macbook Pro 2010 won’t have to face BSOD anymore.  Crossing my fingers!