Enabling Highest Quality Streaming For Spotify

By default, Spotify won’t enable highest bit rate for your music tracks.  Nonetheless, you can make Spotify to stream highest quality music tracks by going to Preferences.  I’d made a video which shows you how to enable highest bit rate streaming quality for your Spotify’s music tracks.  You can watch this video right after the break.

Intel’s New Chip Technology Allows Data Transfer Rate At 50 Gigabits Per Second

How fast is your Internet connection?  Compare that to Intel’s new invention and soon to be a new innovation!  So what is it?  Intel has discovered a way to transfer data at 50 gigabits per second.  The current technology is only allowing up to 12 gigabits per second data transfer rate at maximum.  To hit the 50 gigabits per second rate, Intel creates a new type of chip that can convert photons into electricity using more channels in one chip.  The medium for transferring data using the new chip technology is still going to be over fiber optic cables.  According from source, as long Intel improves the technology of the new chip, it may be able to transfer 1 terabit per second in the future; 1 terabit per second equals to something as transferring entire printed collection of the Library of Congress in 1.5 minutes.  Source: Venturebeat.com’s “Intel demos chips that can transfer an HD movie in 1 second.”