Check Out How Level 50s Roll In Star Wars The Old Republic Video Game

Level 50 is the highest level of a toon a gamer can achieve in Star Wars The Old Republic, well at least for now.  You never know when they will expand the level cap for a toon and game content.  Anyhow, even at level 50, a gamer’s toon still have a lot of things to do in Star Wars The Old Republic.  A gamer’s toon can go PvP (Player versus Player), get better PvP gears, farming for credits, farming for better PvE gears, get rare in game items, crafting, and so on.  Anyhow, check out the video right after the break which I made on how my level 50 DPS (damage per second) sage actually rolls sometimes in Star Wars The Old Republic.  I hope you enjoy it!

Star Wars: The Old Republic Opening Short Film (Video Game)

BioWare and LucasArts Do Cosplay for Star Wars...

Image by Colony of Gamers via Flickr

Skyrim is nice, and I’m still not even halfway through the main story, and yet Star Wars: The Old Republic is now out.  I can’t really comment on Star Wars: The Old Republic yet, because I haven’t got it.  Planning on getting it though!  Nonetheless, check out its awesome opening short film.

The computer graphic for Star Wars: The Old Republic opening short film is well done, and the acting of the computer graphic generated characters is nice. I like it.  Let just hope the game will be very good too when I finally get my hands on it.  This Christmas maybe?  I’m giggling inside.