Watch Fresh Human Brain Being Prod

Want to see a fresh human brain that just got removed from a human’s skull?  Well, in the video right after the break, you see 2 hands prod and massage a fresh human brain that would make your skull goes numbing.  Besides the skull-numbing factor, you may as well get a good education on something about human brain too.

Futuristic Technology: Age Reversal’s Perversions

Yesterday, I’d read an article which mentioned several possible futuristic technologies that might change the world of today.  Unfortunately, I forgot the article’s headline, link, and the author, and so I cannot post the link to this article on this blog post.  I remember one interesting technology in which this article had mentioned is age reversal technology.  I don’t know how science would enable us humans to do this in the future, but the concept is incredibly controversial.

Just imagine if this technology is possible, the implications that could come out of this technology would let loose chaos into our world.  We have been wired into our DNA that as we are growing older, we’re going to die old.  Each new year or birthday is one more year old for us.  No matter if we’re poor or rich, everyone of us has always been subjected to the master of death.  Once death arrives, we have to let go everything that has made who we are while kicking.

If age reversal technology is possible, it means a grandmother who’s 90 year old could become 15 year old again.  Nonetheless, she would still go on living with her 60 year old daughter, 65 year old son, and whatnot.  Does this mean the meaning of from cradle to grave has to be redefined?  The whole fabric of society would be turning upside-down, because we would not be able to tell the differences between our grandmother and our teenage daughters and sons.  Rules and laws that govern the morals of relationship among family members and friends would morph into things of an alien culture.  What if a grandmother wants to become a two year old again?  Will a granddaughter would step up to breastfeed her grandmother?  See how twisted things will be?

In my gut, I don’t think age reversal technology will be possible, but the ancient people could never have imagined what we had already accomplished with our space rockets.  For better or worse, I think our cultures will morph into one big weird alien culture as our cultures grow with time.  Some futuristic technologies such as age reversal, as they come into being, will make us question our moral values and ethics.


Could It Be That Racism Had Occurred Since The Dawn Of Human Existence?

Could it be that racism had occurred since the dawn of human existence?  According to Business Insider’s “DNA Of Ancient Human Spawns New Theory Of Why Europeans Became White” article by Dina Spector, ancient humans from specific parts of the world began to lose dark skin pigments for they had switched to a diet which contained more grains, thus they (researchers) assumed losing dark skin pigments helped ancient humans to synthesize vitamin D from the sun more readily.  I don’t think this is right!

Personally, I myself know nothing about this field of science, and I don’t have any awesome knowledge in related areas.  Nonetheless, I have opinion in regarding to this study.  For me, I like to borrow Darwinism’s bits and pieces, thus I like to think that in the ancient time the natural selection had created few skin anomalies (e.g., white skin, yellow skin, red skin, brown skin) in ancient human population.  These ancient skin anomalies had allowed the ancient humans to become racist and stick to similar skin groups.

As time progressed, ancient people with same skin color began to populate more and more, thus they had weened out the ancient people who shared the minority skin colors in a specific ancient human group.  Moreover, different skin color groups (e.g., white skin, black skin, yellow skin, red skin, brown skin) traveled farther apart from each other, and so they developed earliest unique customs, living conditions, traditions, and so on.  I surmise much later on they began to meet up again, and thus we had the so called “the clashes of ancient civilizations” of people who did not share same skin colors.  Obviously, these cases were true only when such occurrences had occurred for the very first time for each unique “clash of ancient civilizations” which could depict the clashed of different skin color groups (i.e., clans).

In conclusion, I don’t think we can know for sure what had happened which allowed the ancient humans to develop different skin colors.  Obviously as time progresses and the advancing of technologies, we might come up with an even better answer than what we have had in regarding to this specific quest.  My assumption on the development of skin colors of ancient people might be off the mark by a gazillion miles, but this is my own opinion and explanation to why ancient people began to develop different skin colors.  I can’t agree with the article which I had mentioned in the very first paragraph.  If I understand this article correctly, it assumes that ancient humans could morph to white skin and shed their dark skin pigments at will.

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