Ashes of Singularity (Beta) Gameplay – Tutorial (4K – PC)

Ashes of Singularity is going to be released soon, but the open beta is still ongoing.  This is my first time playing Ashes of Singularity, and in this video I’m playing the tutorial of the game.  I’m playing this game in 4K resolution.  Enjoy!

Tom Clancy’s The Division Beta Gameplay (4K, Ultra HD – PC)

Hi guys, I’m trying out Tom Clancy’s The Division (Beta) on PC in 4K resolution.  Check out my gameplay for this game.  Enjoy!

A Solution To Cannot Access Network Shares On Windows 10 Preview

I’ve been testing Windows 10 Preview version out lately.  So far, I think the graphical user interface of Windows 10 is definitely an upgrade over all previous Windows versions.  Let me simply put, I like Windows 10 overall look!  Of course I’ve been encountering several bugs since I’m using Windows 10 Preview version, and within this blog post I want to address one specific bug that has gotten me so annoyed lately.

If you set up PIN as your log-in password for Windows 10 Preview (version 10147 and previous versions), then after next log-in session your network shares will not be accessible.  Even you have already mapped a network drive, it will be disconnected and unavailable for the next log-in.  Rebooting computer won’t help!

The solution is to reset the PIN, but don’t create new PIN!  If you reset the PIN, it will ask you to create new PIN.  If you refuse to create new PIN, then the PIN won’t be available as password log-in method.  Once you have done this, you can use the Picture log-in method and other log-in methods, except for PIN log-in method, to log into your Windows 10.  Once you access your Windows 10 after the abandonment of PIN log-in method, you will notice that now you can access network shares.

Good luck to you!  For now, I like to end this post here.  Of course, I’m going to try to play around with Windows 10 Preview version and whatever Preview version that will come out later, and I’ll write up some more about my experience with Windows 10.  For now, let’s say I’m still experimenting with Windows 10 Preview version 10147.

Elder Scrolls Online Beta Gameplay Episode 01 (Character Creation and Noob Leveling) – 4K Resolution

Just testing out Elder Scrolls Online since it’s still in beta and so forth.  Anyhow, check out my very first episode of gameplay for Elder Scrolls Online right after the break.  Enjoy the show!!!

Microsoft Is Accepting Project Spark Beta Tester Registrations

Do you want to build game as easy and fun as to play the darn game?  Project Spark, PC version, from Microsoft is accepting beta testers’ signups/registrations.  I got the whiff of this news through article “Microsoft game sandbox Project Spark beta sign-ups live,” and you can also check out the super short trailer of Project Spark right after the break.

Neverwinter Beta Gameplay Episode 05 (Lair of the Mad Dragon)

Just another episode of Neverwinter beta gameplay.  This time, it’s episode 05.  Enjoy!!!