Could Saturn’s Rings Were Made By UFO?

I don’t think I can claim that I’d seen a real UFO as in an alien craft from outer space, but I think what I’d seen once was something that I could not describe since it flew too fast and appeared to be an orange or red ball that flew way too fast for any modern craft to do so.  It hovered like for a few seconds to the left of the tree line and then it flew in a strangest way and disappeared real fast behind the tree line, and that was around 9:00 or 10:00 PM or so, because I don’t remember the exact time.  I know it was night time for sure.  This is why I remember it was so bright, but I could not remember the exact color of the unidentified object.  Anyhow, so nowadays when an incredible person with incredible background in science or reputable field claimed that he or she had seen a UFO, I wouldn’t disregard his or her claim immediately.  After all, my experience was rather strange too.

Dr. Norman Bergrun, author of Ringmakers of Saturn, claimed that he believed the rings around Saturn are stuffs that were created by the aliens.  I could be wrong on what I just stated, because I couldn’t find much information about Dr. Norman Bergrun.  I tried to find a wikipedia page of the man, but I couldn’t find any.  Nonetheless, on Amazon, a book under the title Ringmakers of Saturn is available for purchase, and the author of the book is indeed Norman Bergrun.  Anyhow, I’ve found that it’s interesting how Dr. Norman Bergrun thought that the rings weren’t naturally formed by Saturn and the spatial environment around Saturn.

Furthermore, the article Cassini Finds ‘Nothing’ in Saturn’s Ring Gap on digs into how scientists studied the data that Cassini found in regarding to the space between the rings and Saturn was a big empty.  This confound the scientists as they thought there should be more space dust between the rings and the Saturn itself.  This mystery of Saturn’s rings makes me wonder could Dr. Norman Bergrun has been onto something all along.  Anyhow, check out a YouTube video right after the break where Dr. Norman Bergrun talks on why he thinks Saturn’s rings aren’t natural.

Author Of Watch Dogs’ Storyline Used United States’ 9/11 And Edward Snowden For Inspiration?

As I’m playing Watch Dogs, I can’t help myself in seeing the storyline is depicting the United States of America.  Why is that?  You probably think that I’m rambling off here, but no I am not!  Spoiler ensues and so if you want to play Watch Dogs, you should reconsider not to read any further.

Anyhow, Aiden Pearce is our main character of the story here.  Nonetheless, I feel Aiden represents America, because he was on a vengeance against the terrorists who attempted to assassinate him and killed his niece in the process.  On 9/11 the twin towers got destroyed by the terrorists, the United States was on a vengeance too.  By now you think I’m nut, because what on earth am I rambling on, right?  Wait…

In one of the villains, a black dude named Iraq had the data that Aiden needed, and thus Aiden went all out to mess up Iraq.  The synopsis sounds like the author was using the United States as the source of his inspiration for writing Watch Dogs’ storyline.  After all, why named a villain Iraq?  United States went on a vengeance, and Iraq was one of the villains that United States went all out to battle with.  The obvious conclusion to Iraq was that the United States destroyed Iraq, and so it’s obvious that the author of Watch Dogs’ storyline had Aiden Pearce killed off Iraq.

Furthermore, Watch Dogs’ storyline revolves around the synopsis of having technology that spies on everyone.  Thus, as if the author of Watch Dogs used the NSA situation to depict the technology within Watch Dogs’ storyline.  So on and so on.  Aiden Pearce has two faces?  One face is representing the United States of America, but the other one is representing Edward Snowden?  After all, Aiden Pearce is after the all-knowing spy program and its data.

Anyhow, I have yet to finish playing Watch Dogs, thus I don’t know the ending of the storyline.  Nonetheless, as I’m getting deeper into Watch Dogs’ storyline, I can’t help myself of seeing the author of Watch Dogs relied on United States’ contemporary political and geopolitical affairs for his source of inspiration in creating Watch Dogs’ storyline.