Smite Gameplay Episode 2 (4K)

Just another episode of my gameplay for Smite.  Enjoy!

Smite Gameplay Episode 1 (4K)

There are many MOBA games out there, but I could not let myself to play any of them until Smite.  This is why I’m brand new to MOBA genre.  Furthermore, I’m brand new to Smite.  Smite is really fun, and it got all the Gods that I used to read about in books.  For an example, the Monkey King Sun Wukong.  Anyhow, in this episode, you got to see me be a total noob in playing Smite.  Expect to see me suck at playing Smite for couple more episodes before I get better.  Everything needs practice!

Tomb Raider 2013 Gameplay Episode 05 (4K Resolution)

Just another episode of Tomb Raider 2013 gameplay.  Enjoy!!!

Alert:  I uploaded this video in 4K resolution, and it will take time for YouTube to be able to re-encode the video which is suitable for streaming.  Thus, you might only be able to watch at lower resolutions until YouTube is finished with the re-encoding process of this video.  If for some strange reasons, YouTube won’t show this video in 4K resolution, then I won’t be able to do anything about it since I uploaded this video in 4K resolution.  Enjoy the video I hope!

Cursed The Cold Bloody Ground

Just another poem I had written thus far.  Enjoy!!!

  • Unbeknownst to him,
  • who had raised a sword,
  • just to see his brother fell,
  • upon the bloody ground.
  • A poor man he was,
  • dying a slow death,
  • watching a bloody mess,
  • soaking the messy ground.
  • Why oh why he felt,
  • a betrayal of a kin,
  • who had slain him well,
  • for he had kissed the ground.
  • Had his brother not known
  • a kin blood ran in his veins,
  • fueling the same goals and passions,
  • until he kissed the ground?
  • As the light got brighter,
  • blinding him evermore,
  • but time got slower,
  • evermore, he was still on the ground.
  • Aye, no longer he felt,
  • a betrayal of a kin,
  • only a cold struck him,
  • while he kissed the ground.
  • In and out he faded,
  • the cold nagged till only numbness overcame,
  • he felt a presence begged him,
  • to float away from a bloody ground.
  • Tiny breath of life,
  • kept a candle fizzled,
  • tiny memory flashed through,
  • cursed the cold bloody ground.
  • He wanted to yell,
  • so much so to must,
  • a question he had,
  • instead he kissed the bloody ground.
  • With not much time left,
  • he knew his time had come,
  • for him to leave his brother behind,
  • for him to float away from the bloody ground.
  • In a flash he saw,
  • all as one and one as all,
  • a painful, slow death it was,
  • as he floated away from the bloody ground.

X Rebirth Gameplay Episode 01

Check out X-Rebirth gameplay episode 01 in the video right after the break.  Enjoy!!!