Photo Journalist Found His Videos Deleted On Purpose By Police

Politics is dangerous and sometimes downright ugly!  People can be killed or jailed or even framed by politics, and nobody would know a damn thing better!  Anyhow, sometimes journalists might not have a choice, because their jobs are to report what people want to know.  A photo journalist, Carlos Miller, found out he was arrested for doing his job, but what worse was that his journalistic materials such as the videos he recorded on the day he was arrested in Miami were deleted by the police.  Carlos Miller was at Miami Occupy protesting event, and he was arrested for being there.  Nonetheless, Carlos Miller has had successfully recovering some deleted parts of the deleted videos of his.  He is trying to sue the police department or something like that.  Do you think he has a chance of winning in court?  Do you think his rights have been violated?  Check out the source for further details!


HP webOS Kicks The Hornet’s Nest, Releasing webOS As Open Source Software

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HP announced that they will release webOS to the open source software community.  Why HP is so generous?  As how one CNBC commentator put, HP has lost somewhere around 3 billion dollars in trying to unwind the webOS platform (I would love to give him the credit, but I don’t know his name).  Anyhow, even though we might not know of webOS as intimately as how we are with iOS and Android, we might have to agree that webOS is pretty formidable mobile operating system for smartphones and tablets.  Unfortunately, HP isn’t doing so well in marketing webOS to hardware manufacturers right after they had bought Palm (the creator of webOS), and so there aren’t many mobile devices are using webOS.  HP knows that it’s losing money by just holding on to webOS.  If HP ditches webOS entirely, it might arouse angers from few users who are already the reluctant owners of few webOS devices.  Furthermore, ditching webOS entirely equates to accepting complete loss.  I think HP wants to dish out one last effort in salvaging whatever could be saved of webOS by releasing it to open source community.

I think if there are enough developers who take advantages of open source webOS, webOS might stay relevant enough and entice HP to jump back into the wagon of making devices for webOS and reap real profits.  The fear is that webOS might not generate enough tractions to build enough velocity onward, and webOS might just be another open source software.  Keep in mind though, webOS is designed and built with big ambition in mind and backed by huge amount of resources which are now dwindling down to open source; webOS isn’t something cheesy and it has huge potential going forward as long there are enough ongoing contributions in improving webOS as from this point onward.  It’s hard not to be excited if you’re a mobile developer, because there probably aren’t that many open source projects in the mobile category have the same caliber as webOS.  I predict (as bold and crazy as usual) that webOS will garner plenty of contributions in free codes and adoptions.  Perhaps, webOS can be reborn as something that even Android, Apple, and Windows Phone OS have come to fear.  They fear of giving up whatever size of the pie to webOS?