Apture Might Be The Internet King In The Making!

I think Apture can potentially put Google’s king in a check.  In fact, not only Google but other big players who have similar models to Google will have to face a potential check or checkmate from Apture.  Why?  Apture shrewdly incorporates more awesome features besides the ones that they have been implementing so well.

Before I’m going to back up the claim that Apture may have the chance of put Google’s king in a check, I’m going to talk about Apture’s inherent weaknesses first.  Although Apture’s highlight feature is really cool, but I’d pointed out before that this feature may fail to appeal to new users since not that many people will highlight the texts on Apture enabled websites unless they know such websites are using Apture.  Not long after my whining about highlight feature, I started to notice Apture also allowed visible source links for various online embedded videos and so on; hovering a mouse pointer over such links initiated the popup of a small preview video player which played the videos of the sources and so on.  Still, I wasn’t convinced all those features are that capable in scaring other important web players to go on defense against Apture, because to me those features were trivial.

Once again, Apture tries harder and now it is going to show visible links that are relevant to users’ frequent highlighted texts.  The weakness of this feature is all about Apture itself.  Have users themselves know enough about Apture and the websites that have enabled Apture to participate in highlighting texts?  Without a strong participation in highlighting texts from many users, the latest Apture’s HotSpots feature which promotes visible relevant links to users’ frequent highlighted texts may become irrelevant.

Besides the apparent weaknesses of Apture, I do think when users know enough about Apture and its abilities, these users probably will love and use Apture evermore.  Website owners love Apture for the fact that it can retain web visitors a little longer on their websites.  So, why am I prophetically predicting that Apture can scare more than a cat and spur competitions?  It’s the possibility of Apture goes viral to the point that it can wire the whole Internet into something similar as Wikipedia, but it has the potential to be so much more bigger than Wikipedia and so much more profitable as its model has similar profitable characteristics to Google’s Adsense.  To understand this potential of Apture, we have to understand how Google became one of the kings of the Internet!

Google is best known for its Adsense model, because Adsense has made Google billions of dollars (probably a lot more, but I don’t know really).  Of course, without Google’s search engine, Adsense might be useless, but the combination of these two has no equal so far.  Adsense is so easy to apply to a website which encourages website owners to adopt the platform in droves!  The extensive reach of Adsense within the Internet pushes businesses to sign up for Adsense accounts and pony up lots of cash to promote their businesses.  By taking a closer look at Google, we can see that Google has the power to dictate what users can see on the web in subtle way.  Now, putting all of those obvious points together, we have the making of an Internet king (i.e., Google).

Nonetheless, Apture is somewhat a different beast and might be more effective than Google.  Why?  Apture doesn’t have to beg users to visit Apture’s search engine to start their web explorations!  Instead of begging for visitors, Apture is ready for visitors everywhere and all the time, because all it takes for users to enjoy Apture is a highlight away or so.  Extensive reach?  If Apture has done everything correctly, it may very well that Apture can be found everywhere on the Internet without being so subtle!  The key to beat Google is not to be subtle!  In addition to not be subtle, Apture needs to provide an effective advertising platform as Google’s Adsense.  Without an effective advertising platform as Adsense, Apture only has the potential but not the ability to put its competitors in check moves and possible checkmate.  Truly checkmate Google and Bing and so on, Apture needs its own directory and search engine technology.  Why?  It’s all about providing the answers to web users’ questions!  Take from the best, Google and Bing do this best!

Let assume Apture has the ability to check and checkmate Google, I still think it will be a longshot for Apture to do so!  Why?  Google is a king who sits on a lot of cash and has a lot of projects that may become the cornerstones of the world wide web, therefore it’s way too early to say Apture can force Google to play defense or run for the hill.  In the end, I think Apture is unique and useful in many ways!  It provides values for website owners and website visitors.  It’s like Apture has the ability to make everyone a winner, include itself in the equation!

(It seems that I’m trying to compare oranges and apples, but you’re right if you think that way!  I’m just trying… words come out of my mind… so let them be filling the blog!)

Source:  http://gigaom.com/2011/06/29/apture-hotspots/?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+OmMalik+%28GigaOM%3A+Tech%29


Apture Introduces Additional Relevant Contents And Retains Web Visitors For Websites

I think Apture is pretty ingenious.  It allows website owners to retain visitors on their websites a little longer if not long enough.  Albeit, it’s entirely depending on the web visitors’ behaviors, but Apture does give web visitors a chance to explore deeper into certain texts/topics that are mentioned on certain websites.  By highlighting certain texts, Apture will present an option for web visitors to see related stories and web links to the current highlighted texts.  The magic is that Apture won’t redirect web visitors away from the owners’ websites.  Instead of anything, Apture opens up an extra layer in Javascript and present additional information on the highlighted texts that way.

The first drawback for Apture is that it requires web visitors to enable Javascript on their browsers.  Security conscious web visitors may not have their browsers enabled with Javascript.  I use a Firefox’s plugin known as Noscript to block Javascript automatically, and I from time  to time enable Javascript manually for my favorite websites that I know to be clean only.  The second drawback for Apture is that web visitors will not know about its capability until they perchance/accidentally highlight over certain texts.  Nonetheless, I must admit Apture’s appealing nature is its ability to provide additional relevant contents for web visitors of certain websites.

In conclusion, as long Apture’s intention is pure and stays that way, then I don’t see anything wrong of using Apture to provide additional information on just about any text that is currently made available on websites.  I myself has enabled Apture through CloudFlare service, and I have to admit that it’s certainly a wonderful additional capability for my website to exhibit.  Oh, it’s free too by the way!  My wish is that Apture continues to improve its application capability and stay pure somehow by not corrupting websites’ owners with junk links and information and advertisements.  Then again, I understand that nothing is FREE, because everyone has to make a living.  Let just hope Apture’s creator is able to find way of making living through Apture without corrupting the very application’s appealing nature.  For now, Apture rocks my world!