Using Aptitude Package Manager To Install APF Firewall On Ubuntu 12.04 Server

Tux, the Linux penguin

Tux, the Linux penguin (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Installing APF firewall from source on Ubuntu 12.04 Server is possible, but you still have to tweak it somehow to allow it to start on boot and to work correctly with Ubuntu 12.04 server. Luckily, Ubuntu 12.04 does come with aptitude package manager, and we can use this package manger to install APF firewall easily. Unfortunately, you still need to do some tweaking before APF firewall can work smoothly. Nonetheless, it’s like choosing which poison you want to down with, because either choice is going to be cumbersome. There is one more disadvantage of using aptitude package manager to install APF firewall is that the package manager aptitude might not carry the latest version of APF firewall. Nonetheless, when updating APF firewall with aptitude package manager, it’s much easier such as doing aptitude update and aptitude safe-upgrade. Anyhow, let us assume that you pick the poison of installing APF firewall with aptitude package manager, then this video might just be the remedy for you. Enjoy!!!

How To Automatically Update And Upgrade Ubuntu With Crontab; Look Ma, No Need To Type Anything To Have My Ubuntu System Stays Up To Date

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Official Ubuntu circle with wordmark. Replace File:Former Ubuntu logo.svg. Español: logo de Ubuntu + marca denominativa Français : Logo officiel d’Ubuntu. Remplace File:Former Ubuntu logo.svg. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Hi guys.  Some people prefer to not have to intervene at all with the update and upgrade processes of their Ubuntu system, because they rather have the system to be automatically updated and upgraded itself and just logged the progresses to a log file, in silence.  Of course, there are other people who prefer to have Ubuntu asks them for permission to upgrade through graphical user interface, and this is fine too.  Nonetheless, I like the former idea better.  Therefore, if you want to have Ubuntu automatically updates and upgrades itself without making a single fuss, then you should watch this video.  For your information, in this video, I will use aptitude command line instead of apt-get command line to allow Ubuntu system to be up to date.  How come?  Well, let just say I prefer aptitude package manager over apt-get package manager.  Nonetheless, you can just switch out the aptitude commands for apt-get commands, and you will still be able to achieve the same goal.  Enjoy this educational video!!!