Quick Fix For Something Went Wrong Error When Making A Purchase On Windows 10 App Store

Was trying to purchase a game on Windows 10 App Store, and the “Something went wrong” error happily greeted me.  Luckily there is a fix for this.  Check the video right after the break for the fix.  Enjoy!

What About Weave? Can Weave Be An Alternative For Flipboard? (Video)

If I hadn’t found Weave on Windows 8 App Store, I would not have be able to enjoy reading news on my HTC 8X smartphone.  So, I’m glad I did!  Anyhow, you can check out the video right after the break in which I talk briefly about Weave and provide a brief demonstration of Weave.  Enjoy!!!

Installing Apps On Windows 8

Windows 8 is a strange beast in a Windows world, because it’s radically different than its predecessors.  Its Start screen alone might be too scary for Windows users who prefer something much more traditional such as Windows XP.  These users have no idea, because Windows 8 not only looks different, it feels so different too.  Nonetheless, strangely enough there is something which Windows 8 might be able to relate to some of these users.  What I’m talking about is installing apps on Windows 8.  Yep, many users who do not dare to venture into another operating system, but these same users are properly switching to more advanced smartphone all the time.  Obviously, smartphones are famous for holding apps.  So, whoever thinks that apps are the absolute things that they must have, I guess installing apps on Windows 8 might not be so alien to them.  Anyhow, within the video right after the break, I introduce you to Windows 8 app world!  You’ll be surprised how easy it’s to install apps on Windows 8.  So, check it out and enjoy!!!

Can Apps Take Down Google’s Search Engine?

Can apps hurt the future of Google search engine?  I doubt so, because apps are made for each specific platform.  Instead of each specific platform, Google’s search engine is just one click away to know everything.  Sure, there are apps out there that are attracting users like honey to bees, but those apps aren’t necessarily competing against Google’s search engine.  Even if an app wants to compete against Google, I doubt there is another app that can do a better job than Google’s search engine.

I don’t think there is such an app that can handle the data output/input/crawl (i.e., the whole world wide web) and has the algorithm which could beat Google’s search engine.  Talking about many data centers to be built just to support an app, and I don’t think there are that many players could spend crazy amount of money for that many data centers, unless we’re talking about Microsoft’s Bing, Facebook, Apple, and the likes!

OK, I think you get the point, but apparently someone out there who claims Google’s search engine is going to be destroyed by apps (i.e., from Apple’s App Store).  That person is Roger McNamee!  According to Cnet, Roger McNamee thinks Google’s search engine will be destroyed by many apps.  In my opinion, he is speaking of a hypothetical world, because in the real world — I think it will be otherwise.  In fact, I think apps will wane eventually, and everything apps will consolidate into practical and useful general platforms similar to Google’s search engine — but not in relation to search — but more of utilizing the style and simplistic approach similar to what Google’s search engine has possessed all along.

I like to surmise that many people don’t like the idea of locking into one particular vendor for practical solutions, and they might restrain from possessing too many devices from many vendors at once just to satisfy their high-tech lifestyle.  OK, you caught me redhanded, because the previous sentence does contradict to my belief that Google’s search engine is preferable way to go about doing a search rather than through apps, right?  Then again, Google’s search engine or even Microsoft’s Bing search is unique, because it’s free for users and open to everyone.  Nobody needs a platform to use Google’s search engine or Microsoft’s Bing search!  You only need a browser, Internet connection, and a device that allows the browser to work to use Google’s search engine or Microsoft’s Bing search.  I think you get the gist!

The trend of acquiring more apps only going to cost users more money than otherwise.  I don’t see this particular trend will be something people will flock to when large part of the world’s economy is not particular doing so well, and this is especially true for United States as we are trying to suppress the high percentage of unemployment.  Perhaps, the trend of having more apps the better will do much better in countries with growing economies, but we shall see.

So, in conclusion, my opinion is that I don’t think apps will be able to hurt Google, but it’s only an opinion nonetheless.  Nobody knows the future!  Perhaps, eccentric observation of Mr. Roger McNamee might come true, because the truth is that nobody knows the future!

Source:  http://news.cnet.com/8301-19882_3-20085133-250/roger-mcnamee-apps-will-rescue-web-from-google/?part=rss&subj=news&tag=2547-1_3-0-20