Man Tugs Tiger’s Tail In SW China

Fearless man pulls tiger’s tail in Southwest China.  I think it’s super dangerous, because powerful animals such as tiger can kill a man easily if the moment presents an opportunity for danger.  Nonetheless, I wonder how the man in the video feels so confident to be around a tiger in such close vicinity.  Now I’m guessing the man is either a zoo keeper which has trained the tiger somehow or he is a pure fool, but a brave one who does not know how to feel danger.  Anyway, it’s kind of cool to see the tiger just let the man pulls on its tail without gnawing the man to pieces.  Check out the video right after the break.  Enjoy!

Gruesome Videos Of Snake Swallows Another Snake

Check out some gruesome YouTube videos of one snake swallows another snake.  Enjoy!!!

Note:  There are many more videos of one snake swallows another snake on YouTube.  These videos tell us how gruesome it can be for any animal which lives in the animal kingdom.  Even a snake has to avoid of being eaten by another snake.  Gruesome!

Super Cute Giant Pandas Clinging To A Man

Usually, people only get happy to see a bear is when the animal is being caged in a zoo or becoming animated on TV, but in real life people may not be so happy to see one.  I’m not sure how dangerous are bears, but personally I don’t want to get close to one in real life for sure.  Nonetheless, seeing giant pandas hugging and clinging to a panda keeper is something that turns the idea of dangerous bears upside down.  Instead of fearing for the man life, it seems the man in the video right after the break is having a lot of fun in distributing medicine for the two cute giant pandas.  Anyhow, this video makes me happy somehow.  I like it.  Check out the super cute giant pandas hugging a man right after the break.