Boy Meets Girl Is A Great Romantic Comedy About A Transgender Person

Just finished watching Boy Meets Girl on Netflix.  I have to say this film is very bold, because a real transgender actress is in it.  The film is different, because it’s obviously different.  It’s about a transgender person.  The transgender actress is pretty good in it.  Michelle Hendley is a first time actress and a real transgender, and she is keeping it real in the film.  Michelle Hendley is able to convey the authentic transgender feeling across the screen to a straight person like me, and I think that is really good.  Of course, I don’t really know anything about an authentic transgender lifestyle would be.  I think I have a little bit of an idea how transgender person would go through life by watching this film.  Of course, I could be completely clueless still.

At first, I thought Michelle Hendley is a non-transgender female who took up the transgender role in the film.  After I went online and searched for more information on the actress, then I realized she is a real transgender.  Anyhow, Boy Meets Girl is a bold romantic comedy, and I think it’s great!  I don’t think this film is for everyone, because not everyone is open mind enough to sit through a film that is about transgender human being.  I think transgender people are still being considered as something taboo by many people.  Nonetheless, transgender people are human being in my opinion, and so we should not judge the book by its cover.  It’s cliche to say something like this, but life is abundantly cliche!

I’ve found a really good YouTube video which has an interview of Michelle Hendley on Boy Meets Girl.  If you’re interested, you can watch it right after the break.  Enjoy!!!


A Sharp Dream Of Real-life Holodeck

It's Like You're There!

It’s Like You’re There! (Photo credit: nickstone333)

They said dream big and big dream will come true.  Hmm… sometimes it would become true, but most often it would not.  Nonetheless, we had dreamed big and we landed on the moon.  We had dreamed big and we had amazing technology such as fuel cell.  Scientists at Sharp are dreaming big and they want to develop 3D technology that will render 3D images that look exactly like real life images.  As now, this possibility is still in the realm of science fiction, but I guess when there are big dreams, some big dreams do come true!!!  Check out the video right after the break on Sharp’s real-life holodeck big dream.

Afterthought:  If this technology will become real one day, I think human actors and actresses will become less relevant.  After all, they can just create digital actors and actresses that look just like the real ones and without the expenses and headaches that might come with real actors and actresses.  Nonetheless, I don’t think any actor or actress should lose sleep over this kind of technology just yet since they said it will be decades more before something like this might be achievable.  Plus, big dreams have had often disappointed big dreamers.  Everything is up in the air really.  Besides making movies, I think real-life holodeck will have a lot potential for wide variety of applications.  One example would be awesome real-life 3D telecommunication.