Can Quantum Mechanics Be The Key To Allow Us To Escape 3D Spatial Fabric So We Could Travel Through Time?

In the previous blog post “To Travel Through Time I Think We Need To Exit Our Own 3D Universe And Enter 4D Universe” I suggested that we could escape our three-dimensional world to a higher dimensional world in order for us to do time travel.  The question is how are we going to do it?  Easy to say than actually do it.  For obvious reasons, we can easily imagine up the problem, find an imaginary solution according to the power of deduction, but sometimes it would be impossible for us to put the power of deduction into practice.  In this case, it’s currently impossible for us humans to escape our three-dimensional universe.  Simply put, we don’t have the tech to do so.

In order for us to have the tech to escape our 3D-universe, we need an exact, practical know-how method with precise steps to produce a tech in which we could use to escape our 3D-universe.  Obviously, we don’t have such knowledge.  Nonetheless, I don’t even have to convince you that we can travel to the moon nowadays because we obviously could escape our homeworld which is earth.  We’ve been sending satellites to circling earth for scientific data and whatnot, and so I don’t see why we couldn’t be even more ambitious in the regards to exploring the outer space.  One step beyond the final frontier would be time travel.

Time travel is a science fiction that we probably won’t be able to put into practice, if ever, in a foreseeable future as it’s the stuff that is too way out there — too crazy to put into practice for us humans in our current evolution.  We couldn’t even yet achieve a technology which could allow us to travel between galaxies.  In my opinion, unless we achieve the ability to jump between galaxies to shorten our trip in space, we probably won’t ever have the time, the tech know-how, nor the will to even think about achieving time travel.

Nonetheless, none of the barriers I’d mentioned would stop our imagination from running wild in regards to time travel.  Movies, books, and whatnot have been exploring the fictional science of time travel for many years already.  I still think we need someone, a little crazier than normal, to actually explore the math and whatever about time travel.

Personally, I like to chime in a bit on how should we approach in finding a method to allow us to escape 3D-world so we could enter a higher dimension such as the 4D-universe so we could at least have some hope in achieving time travel.  So let me ask you to imagine something that is so weird OK?

Imagine a transparent, plastic bag which holds some water inside, but the bag is riddled with small holes.  Instead of escaping from the bag, the water is comfortably swirling inside the bag normally when one shakes the bag up.  Puzzled?  A bag with thousands of holes, yet water won’t be spilled.  Not even a single drop water would be spilled through this bag.  Still puzzling?

What kind of a monster bag is this?  You probably want to have one right now, right?  Well, this bag won’t exist yet unless my imagination becomes a reality.  As of now, the sun is still rising in the east and settling in the west, and so no, the reality isn’t yet capable of turning my imagination into something real just yet.

Nonetheless, let’s push forward with our imaginative hole riddled bag that is being filled with unspillable water.  The idea is that the holes are inexplicable small to the point that no water molecule could spill through.  Thus water could not be spilled from this leaky bag.

Since the water could not escape the bag, and so the water is just comfortably swirling inside the bag as normal.  Imagine our 3D-universe is like this bag.  It got holes that could allow us to escape to 2D, 4D, 5D-universe and so forth, but we simply can’t get through these holes to escape our 3D-universe.  We simply just don’t have the tech or it’s just impossible for us humans to do so without some sorts of futuristic science or pure magic or godly power.

The idea isn’t too weird though if we correlate this to quantum mechanics.  If my shady knowledge of quantum mechanics isn’t too off course, then I think using quantum mechanics we can somewhat point ourselves to clues that could allow us to glimpse at a higher dimensional world.

In the quantum world, things don’t behave normally as how we would expect in our own large, physical world.  Basically, in the quantum world, things seem to be inexplicably appeared and disappeared into places that we could not track or measure.  Is this still true with our current tech?  I’m not sure if we can actually yet track things in the quantum world yet, but if we can this would be awesome.  If we haven’t yet discovered how to do this, then I guess let me just use quantum mechanics to correlate to what is relevant in this blog post — to satisfy my ego.

This is just a pure speculation and got nothing to even come close to fact.  I speculate that in quantum world there are holes that are so small, inexplicable small, that could allow things in the quantum world to slip in and out of the current dimensional world that we’re living in which is the 3D-universe.  Of course, this is outrageous.  I have not read anything which suggests this could be the case.  This is just a pure speculation on my part.

Let’s just assume that in our 3D universe, in the quantum mechanics scale of things, there are inexplicable small holes that could allow things to slip out of 3D spatial space.  If this is true, then at least this could allow us to imagine that one day there will be a technology which could teleport us through such a hole and allow us to escape our 3D-universe.  On the other side, it could be 2D, 4D, 5D, and you know whatnot dimensional space that we could enter as we exit our very own 3D spatial fabric.

To Travel Through Time I Think We Need To Exit Our Own 3D Universe And Enter 4D Universe.

Remember this blog post “In A Haste, My Mind Ran Wild, And Aha, Time Is A Cup Of Tea!” I’d written in December of 2017 in regards to Time?  If you’ve not read it, you can check it out through the link above.  Basically, in the last blog post, I used the cup of tea metaphor to explain how I think time could be reverted to allow time travel into the past.  This blog post will also be talking about time travel!

In the last blog post, I mentioned how you could imagine yourself escaping a cup of tea to travel back into time, I will try to convince you even more that it’s possible to do time travel in this blog post by using the 4th dimension.  In the video right after the break, Carl Sagan explains how a shadow of an object in the 4D universe can be represented by a 3D tesseract.

Common sense tells us that 3D objects can project 2D shadows onto a 2D surface.  Imagine what if you’re a 2D being, how such a 3D shadow would look like to you?  Since we’re 3D beings, it’s easy for us to imagine how 2D beings would feel about 3D shadows.  With this in mind, it’s obvious that we also know how difficult for us to imagine, if not impossible, how 4th-dimensional objects would form.  Thus, it’s common sense for us to imagine up the shadows of 4th-dimensional objects to allow us to imagine up the forms of the 4th-dimensional objects.

In the video above, Carl Sagan suggests that 2D beings could experience 3D space and time by flying upward.  Remember, 2D beings cannot jump up or fly upward because the up direction is a space within a 3D world.  With space comes time!  If we can imagine somehow a 2D being could experience time and space of 3D being, then we can also imagine how a 3D being like us could also experience the 4D space and time.

In my other blog post, I mentioned that in order for a person to escape time and space he or she needs to get out of her cup of tea and find another cup of tea with the same temperature and the right mixture of the same brand of tea of a time earlier to experience a time travel back to the past.  Since it’s not the same cup of tea that is necessary for a person to experience the exact events of the past as the requirements are not strict in regards to the container of the tea (i.e., the teacup).  The actual strict requirement is probably the mixture of the correct tea brand, temperature, and other ingredients that reside in a teacup.  This means you could kill your grandfather in a cup of tea and rematerialize yourself in another cup of tea without being dead.  How?  As long the next cup of tea you jump back into got the right ingredients and condition that would form the right mixture of the cup of tea that you had jumped out earlier — this would allow you to get back to the present and still be able to survive even though your grandfather got killed by you when you traveled back into time.

Kind of confusing, but just imagine each presence could be recreated by a universe of parallel space and time.  Here comes the exciting part of how I correlate the Carl Sagan’s video above to what I’m talking about.  So, in order for you to jump out of this godly cup of tea, you have to exit your 3D universe right?  In my opinion, the space and time of the godly cup of tea, godly fabric, could be formed by the right mixture of godly ingredients (e.g., temperature, tea brand, milk, sugar).  Each cup of tea got its own fabric of space and time, thus each cup of tea got its own dimensional preference.  With correct ingredients, one could imagine such a cup of tea could be formed many times over — allowing the correct dimensional universe to be formed many times over.  In our case, we could see a parallel world with three dimensions without a doubt if you think my deduction is correct in regards to time and space in a godly cup of tea.

As Carl Sagan speaks how 2D being got kick flying upward into a 3D universe in the video, my mind tells me that if a 4D being kicks me flying upward into a 4D universe I could find the right cup of tea to jump back into to revisit the past or even the future.  After thinking about this, I guess some people in the past — who believed destiny could have been written down before time — could be correct.  How?  The future could have been formed over and over again in the same exact manner or result in various manners in various parallel universes (i.e., in various cups of tea) according to my deduction in regards to time and space.  So, our past could have been formed in this way in various parallel universes.  Nonetheless, for a 3D being like us to witness another parallel universe I think we have to exit our own 3D universe and materialize in the 4D universe.  Only in the 4D universe that wraps over our 3D universe, we can then witness the past the present and the future all at the same time if we like.





Be The Best You Can Be As A Gamer, As Yourself In Any Video Game!

Wouldn’t it be cool to play any game that got your face as the main protagonist or antagonist?  For an example, playing GTA V as Michael but Michael with a face that looks like you.  I think video games should allow you to do something like this naturally for immersion purpose.  Anyway, it’s still easier to say than do, but I think we are getting closer to this dream as Uraniom, a company which is behind this technology, is probably trying hard to make this possibility comes true.  You don’t have to believe me, because you can check out the videos right after the break to see this possibility is indeed quite true, if not now then it will be soon, I think.

Amazing CG Effects Make Gantz: 0 A Stunning Anime To Watch On Netflix

If you got Netflix, you definitely want to check out Gantz: 0 3D animation.  The computer graphics for this animation is the best I have seen so far for this type of entertainment.  Basically, it’s a full length movie.  The story is a bit weird, because there are monsters and people in high tech suits.  Nonetheless, the main plot is coherent enough to allow you enjoy the movie as a movie.  People who are following Japanese anime shouldn’t be surprised how the story of Gantz: 0 would unfold, because Gantz: 0 is an anime but in 3D.  This 3D anime’s CG effects are so amazing.  It’s so amazing to the point that it got me thinking if I’m playing a video game, I wish my video game got to be this realistic and amazing.  I hope the CG effects that created Gantz: 0 would eventually be adopted by the video game industry.  It would be stunning indeed.

Samsung Flexible AMOLED Touts 3D, Bendable Tablet Size Touchscreen Device; As If It’s A Thin See Through Plastic Paper

I come to love Apple for one reason, their products make me feel good.  Yes, just like that.  If you want more, I’ll tell you more.  Apple products emphasize simplicity within exquisite designs.  So, when you hold a MacBook Pro or MacBook Air in your hand, the logo shines on the back, the curvature of the machine, and the feel of its metal, all of it speaks to me beautifully.  On the software side, it’s solid until Mac OS X Lion gives my MacBook Pro few hiccups, but Apple went extra mile in helping me out by fixing my machine at zero cost to me even though my one year manufacturer warranty had expired.  OK, it wasn’t as if Apple was being super nice, but it is more of how the logic board of mid 2010 MacBook Pro has had real issues with Mac OS X Lion.  After the fix, I once again vouch for Apple products.  Great customer service speaks volumes, I guess.

I guess we have great Apple products thanks to Steve Jobs great insights.  He knew how to push his company to develop things that speak to customers beautifully.  Since his passing, I fear Apple may not be able pushing for things that speak to customers beautifully.  Great innovation and great insight are the two things that I think a tech company must always thrive for.  Oh, let not forget about great customer service too, and this would apply for all businesses.  Anyhow, lately, I keep hearing how Apple blocks Samsung from selling Samsung tablets in several countries, and I start to think that Apple might have spending too much time on patent wars and not enough time on coming up with great innovations and bringing about great insights.  But what do I know since it’s clearly that I’m not working for Apple and I’m not the innovator, the engineer, or having any caliber of that sorts.

Speaking of Samsung, this company is being sued by Apple on the matter of iPad infringement on one hand, and on the other hand Samsung goes ahead by working on their futuristic bendable devices, hoping to have it be released sooner than later.  I should say Samsung is working on a bendable tablet.  The video right after the break shows how awesome bendable tablet could be.

Have you seen the video above?  I think it’s amazing!  If Samsung is able to make this product a reality sooner than later, I think Samsung will have something that Apple wishes it would be the one who has had it first.  The feeling of carrying something as light as a piece of paper (I hope it would be as light as a piece of paper, but what do I know), 3D display or holographic capability, invisible speakers as how a commenter commented under the YouTube video above, and powerful as a small netbook or a sizable laptop — is simply breathtaking.  Now, let add the bendable attribute into the whole shebang, and you got the winner.  Another interesting point brought up by another commenter who had commented under the YouTube video above — How about the battery, how are they going to tuck that away?

Sure, Samsung Flexible AMOLED or should I say bendable tablet might face the same obstacles as iPad 2 of today, but it does have more of the same goodness and than more of goodness than what iPad 2 or all other tablets of today have already been carried.  One obstacle comes to mind right away is that typing on whatever surface without a real keyboard feeling is just plain suck.  Perhaps iPad 2 will soon have a winner in regarding to real feeling keyboard through a Kickstarter project Touchfire, but I have to wonder will there be something similar or better for Samsung Flexible AMOLED (assuming Samsung Flexible AMOLED will come true).  I have seen some bendable concept devices through various online videos that tout bendable attribute as a great feature for manipulating features on such devices, but I sure hope Samsung isn’t going down such route with their touchable Samsung Flexible AMOLED.  To me, I think I like the idea of how bendable devices could be less prone to breakage, therefore providing somewhat greater invincibility to devices’ durableness.  Let backtrack just a tad, bending to manipulate features on device seems to me a lot more work than touching.

In summary, I like Apple now, but can I say the same few years later if Apple lets other zooms by?  Samsung seems to head in the right direction as I like how they try to develop a bendable tablet size device with multitouch capability.  I could be wrong about the multitouch capability, because I did not see pinch to zoom and similar features in the YouTube video above.  I just assume that the video has someone touches the screen with one finger is somehow inferring that multitouch is also possible on such a device.  I guess time will tell.  For now, let us dream about how soon Samsung Flexible AMOLED would come true.


Super Fast Eyes Blinking 3D, An Alternative to 3D Glasses

Watching 3D movies and playing 3D games without using 3D glasses are not new, because at CES 2011 TV makers had showcased their glassless 3D TVs.  Freaky new thing is about watching 3D programs without using glasses but your eyes have to be blinked at super fast speed.  The user in the demo video after the break describes as if he could touch the 3D objects.  It’s hard to explain, but you can check it out for yourself.  It’s pretty freaky the way your eyes have to blink at record speed, almost as if you’re a robot.