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Three-Body TV Show, Fermi Paradox Video   

If you're a big fan of Star Trek, I don't see why you may dislike sci-fi.  I guess I should be able to safely assume that if you're a sucker for sci-fi, then Cixin Liu's The Three-Body Problem might just as well be your favorite sci-fi of them all.  Hmm... maybe I'm a little brass here in assuming that you may think as I do, but this is how I feel about Cixin Liu's The Three-Body Problem trilogy.  This trilogy is very wild!  Why?  It may change how you see the starry night sky whenever you look up to stare at heaven in the night.  Although the trilogy is apparently a fictional work, it could instill the idea of why space is so cold out there -- and may explain why we're so lonely here on earth!  Cixin Liu is also very good at describing some of the craziest, sci-fi technologies that almost make you believe that these are really in the realm of possibility and may as well be achievable sooner or later.  I could go on about how awesome The Three-Body Problem trilogy is, but I fear I might be spoiling too much for the people who haven't yet read or want to read The Three-Body Problem.  Even better, you don't have to read the trilogy because Tencent, a well-known Chinese media company is releasing the Three-Body TV show on YouTube for you to watch for free!  I've been watching this show, and I've to say it's a very close adaptation of Cixin Liu's book one of the three books in The Three-Body Problem trilogy.  The title of book one is also The Three-Body Problem.

Check out the first few episodes of the Three-Body right after the break.  Right now, Tencent is releasing one episode daily for members who joined Tencent's YouTube channel.  It's not free because you have to pay a few bucks per month to be a member.  No worries, if you don't want to be a Tencent member, you can still watch Three-Body on YouTube for free.  It's just that Tencent will release the free episodes slower.  For example, I'm already at episode 20, but for people who aren't joining Tencent's YouTube channel, I think they're at episode 9 or 10.  I also embedded another YouTube video that got nothing to do with Three-Body in this blog post because I think it's very relatable to what is going on in the Three-Body TV show.  Well, once you get the gist of what is going on in the Three-Body TV show, you may have a very different perspective than the people who are talking about the Fermi Paradox in the "The Growing List of Solutions to the Fermi Paradox with Stephen Webb" YouTube video.  Anywho, enjoy these videos.

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