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Nio's Battery Swapping Versus Tesla's Charging Station, Which Is Better?   

If Nio can improve the range of Nio cars' batteries by a lot, then Nio's battery swapping stations will make Nio cars the king of the electric vehicle market! Right now, Nio plans to install more battery-swapping stations across China! This means more Chinese Nio car owners will not have to wait for their cars to be charged up because battery swapping takes only around three to four minutes of wait time. Check out the video right after the break to see Nio's battery swapping in action.

So, if Nio cars can run on a longer-range battery, Nio car owners don't have to visit battery-swapping stations that often. With fewer Nio cars to have battery swapped out in Nio's battery swapping station, the less crowded the battery-swapping station can be -- meaning the atmosphere can be more relaxing and friendly!

This is why I think as long Nio can improve the battery range of Nio cars, the better prospect of a battery swapping station as the default mode for getting an EV onto the road could become. At the moment, the battery swapping station is already superior to any charging station out there. This is why I think Tesla has got to watch out for Nio because Nio could make Tesla's charging station a big negative for upcoming EV owners in China.

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