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My Fork of GPT-Author Downgrades Chat GPT 4 API Access to GPT 3.5 Turbo API Access   

Update:  I managed to modify the code extensively, and now even if you try to get the script to generate 15 chapters, it takes only 4 minutes or so and cost only 10 cent or less on API calls after the complete book got generated.

I'm quite curious about anything AI nowadays.  Anywho, I stumbled on gpt-author program a while back but I didn't manage to make it work.  Well, now it is!

Since I don't have Chat GPT 4 API access, and so I have to fork the original program from Github's user mshumer.  Using Chat GPT 4 (desktop chat version, not API access one) I was able to modify the program to work with Chat GPT 3.5 Turbo.  

I removed the gpt-author version 1 file, and I modified the gpt-author version 2.  The main file which ends with extension .jpynb - meaning the program relies on Jupyter extension in an IDE (preferable Visual Studio Code).  

I also added the necessary files such as the .env.example and requirements.txt.  I also updated the README.md file so the next user will have better info on how to use this forked program.

I tested it and it worked.  Basically, I went to Cell #5 in the gpt_author_v2.jpynb, and modified the prompt like this:

# Example usage:
prompt = "A world where money doesn't exist."
num_chapters = 2
writing_style = "Clear and easily understandable, similar to a science fiction novel. Lots of dialogue."
novel, title, chapters, chapter_titles = write_fantasy_novel(prompt, num_chapters, writing_style, claude_true)

The result is this:

The Currency of Wishes

  1. The Realm of Possibilities (Chapter 1)
  2. Shadows of Alliance (Chapter 2)

You can see Chat GPT 3.5 Turbo also generated a cover which I posted in this post.

The content:

Chapter 1:

The Realm of Possibilities

Chapter 1 - The Realm of Possibilities

The sun descended below the horizon, casting a golden glow over the enchanting realm of Miradria. Its gleaming spires reached towards the heavens, reflecting the vibrant hues of the vanishing day. Amidst the
ethereal beauty, Elara, a spirited young orphan gifted with the extraordinary ability to shape dreams into reality, stood at the precipice of her destiny.

Uncertainty mingled with determination in her wide, emerald eyes as she clutched a pendant of deep purple hue – her inheritance from a family she had never known – which pulsed with a powerful energy resonating deep within her soul.

A soft voice whispered upon the wind, accentuating the whimsical melodies of the unseen. "Elara," it called, carrying a sound both melodic and mysterious. "Your remarkable gift is needed. Stand against the shadow that seeks to extinguish the light of hope."

Startled, Elara turned to find the sage Jade by her side. Ancient markings adorned the sage's skin, telling tales of wisdom and untold mysteries. Her eyes shimmered with an intensity that seemed to draw courage from the very air. "A prophecy has been unveiled, foretelling a calamity that threatens to unravel the very fabric of our world. Only the secrets hidden within wishes can guide us through this dark hour."

Elara's heart quickened with trepidation and curiosity, her spirit stirred by the weight of her role in a realm she had only ever brushed against. The depths of her gift, the ability to breathe life into desires, had never felt more daunting or encompassing.

"My dearest friend," Elara murmured, her voice laced with concern.
"Marcus has fallen to an unknown malady, and I fear his spirit wanes.
Perhaps my gift can bring him solace."

Jade nodded solemnly, her gaze piercing through Elara's very core. "Follow the path that lays ahead, young one. It will lead you to the answers you seek, but also to challenges and perils beyond imagining. Remember, the power within your grasp carries great responsibility."

With a heavy heart, Elara embraced the unknown and took her first steps away from the familiar streets of Miradria. She ventured through dense forests teeming with ancient magic, their branches whispering secrets of forgotten realms. She crossed winding rivers, their currents caressing her ankles as if guiding her towards her calling. Along her journey, she encountered fantastical creatures, their eyes recognizing her as the harbinger of change. From the serene song of the feathered nymphs to the playful dance of the mischievous pixies, they watched as Elara's destiny unfolded before them.

It was amidst the breathtaking landscapes that Elara discovered an unexpected alliance. Finnegan, a charismatic rogue with a lopsided grin and eyes that sparkled mischievously, approached Elara with a daring proposition. "Word of your extraordinary powers has traveled far, lass. Together, we can stir up a storm that even the Arcane Society won't dare to

A flicker of determination ignited within Elara's eyes as she nodded. "In a journey of this magnitude, I cannot walk alone. Together, united by fate and driven by purpose, we may have a chance at unraveling the profound secrets hidden within forbidden wishes."

Joined by Jade, the mystical sage with an ancient lineage steeped in lore, and Asher, a stoic warrior bound by unyielding honor, the group ventured forth to uncover the truth veiled within Miradria's secrets. Treacherous landscapes awaited them, their enchantment concealing unknown perils and guarded by unseen forces that sought to test their resolve at every turn. As they pressed on, word of their quest spread like wildfire, drawing both fear and admiration from those who heard the tales.

Yet, even amidst the ever-present danger and the weight of their collective destiny, Elara discovered that her exceptional gift bore immense responsibility. The ability to turn wishes into reality was a double-edged sword, capable of shaping the realm itself. But the delicate balance of selflessness and compassion would be paramount in warding off the
devastating consequences that emerged from unchecked desires. With each stride, Elara and her companions delved deeper into Miradria's mystical landscapes, their spirits alight with the thrill of the unknown.

Burdened by their shared destiny, they became the champions who could alter the course of their world. But they were not alone on this treacherous path.

The ominous Arcane Society, an elusive sect obsessed with harnessing the unimaginable power of wishes, lurked in the shadowed depths, ready to halt Elara's determined pursuit. Their motive remained enigmatic, their intentions shrouded in darkness. Silent whispers of their malevolence reached Elara's ears, etching a sense of urgency and defiance within her heart.

As they journeyed on, the legend of the Wish Crystal beckoned, whispered by ancient voices long forgotten in the winds of time. It promised untold power to those who could unlock its secrets, but it also warned of unimaginable dangers lurking in the wake of such all-encompassing might.  Little did Elara and her fellow adventurers know that their quest, born from friendship and desire to heal, would test not only their strengths and convictions but also the very fabric of Miradria itself. As the realm of possibilities awaited its champions, their destinies intertwined with those yet to cross their path, their voices became a chorus of resolute purpose, and their minds aflame with the electric thrill of uncharted territory.

With courage burning like the brightest star in the night sky, they journeyed forth, their spirits intertwined, their every step marred by the weight of a world's hopes and dreams. The realm of Miradria stood at a precipice, teetering between salvation and oblivion, awaiting the heroes who would shape its destiny.

Chapter 2

Shadows of Alliance

Chapter 2 - Shadows of Alliance

United by fate and driven by purpose, Elara's journey through the realm of Miradria brought her into the company of an eclectic group of allies, each possessing their own unique skills and motivations. Among them was Finnegan, a charismatic rogue with a penchant for mischief. His quick wit and nimble fingers made him an invaluable asset to their cause, always ready to outsmart their enemies and unlock the mysteries that lay before them.

Jade, the mystical sage, walked alongside Elara, her every step resonating with ancient wisdom. Deeply wise in the ways of ancient lore, Jade's guidance and knowledge were indispensable on their perilous path. Her power seemed to flow from the very depths of Miradria itself, as if the realm whispered its secrets to her and she, in turn, shared them with her newfound allies.

And then there was Asher, a valiant warrior bound by a code of honor that echoed through every strike of his sword. His unwavering loyalty and unwavering strength were a beacon of courage for the group, providing the strength they needed to face the challenges that lay ahead.  Together, the companions ventured through treacherous landscapes, each step revealing new dangers and veiled enchantments. The very air crackled with magic, luring them deeper into the heart of Miradria's mysteries. Yet, no matter how treacherous the path, their bond grew stronger with each shared triumph and every near-fatal encounter.

But lurking in the shadows, the Arcane Society pressed relentlessly forward, driven by an insidious desire for absolute control over the power of wishes. Elara and her allies could feel their presence, an unseen force that always seemed to be one step behind them, their malevolence etching an acute awareness of their pursuers in their every move.

In the face of adversity, Elara discovered that her exceptional gift was not without its burdens. The delicate balance between personal desires and the greater good demanded a constant introspection, a careful consideration of the consequences that lingered in the wake of their actions. She grappled with the weight of her responsibility as the bringer of dreams, knowing that the unfathomable power of wishes must be wielded with the utmost selflessness and compassion.

As their journey wore on, the group encountered trials that tested their resolve, each step fraught with danger and unimaginable perils. They faced enchanted forests where the trees whispered secrets only the wise could decipher, and they confronted mythical creatures whose motives remained shrouded in mystery.

Yet, even in the face of the unknown, Elara's unwavering determination illuminated their way forward, and her companions rallied around her. Each brought their own unique strength to the table, complementing each other's abilities and forging a bond that surpassed mere camaraderie - it became a shared purpose that radiated from their very core.

Through darkened caverns and across treacherous mountain passes, their quest led them into the heart of Miradria's most hidden recesses. Their adversaries grew bolder, and the challenges more formidable. But amidst the chaos and uncertainty, their resolve burned brighter, a beacon of hope in a world teetering on the brink.

As Elara's exceptional gift continued to evolve, she grappled with the burgeoning knowledge that her actions held the power to shape not only the fate of her friends but also the destiny of Miradria itself. The weight of the realm's hopes and dreams rested on her shoulders, demanding a strength of character and an unyielding commitment to safeguarding the delicate equilibrium of their world.

With each chapter of their journey, the bond between Elara and her allies grew stronger, a testament to the unbreakable alliance forged in the crucible of adversity. United by fate, they stood against the encroaching darkness, prepared to face whatever trials awaited them in their quest to unravel the profound secrets hidden within the unfathomable power of wishes.

Together, they would defy the odds, overcome insurmountable challenges, and ultimately confront the Arcane Society head-on. For Miradria's future hung in the balance, and the destiny of their world rested on the shoulders of those brave enough to embrace the shadows and, against all odds, bring forth the light of hope.

With the modified fork version, it took only 1 minute, a little more or less, to create these two chapters.  The finished ebook will be in .epub extension.  The usage cost probably cost me a couple of cents.  This is only a test output, therefore I set the chapter number to 2 only.  The MAX_TOKEN is 120.  The default MAX_TOKEN is 5000 when I first fork the project from Github user mshumer.  Increasing MAX_TOKEN could cost more for API calls to Chat GPT 3.5 Turbo, but the details will be better for each chapter.  The chapter could be longer too.

Link to this fork is: https://github.com/aarriitt666/gpt-author.git

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