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Futuristic Technology: Age Reversal's Perversions   

Yesterday, I’d read an article that mentioned several possible futuristic technologies that might change the world of today.  Unfortunately, I forgot the article’s headline, link, and author, and so I cannot post the link to this article on this blog post.  I remember one interesting technology in this article mentioned is age reversal technology.  I don’t know how science would enable us, humans, to do this in the future, but the concept is incredibly controversial.

Just imagine if this technology is possible, the implications that could come out of this technology would let loose chaos into our world.  We have been wired into our DNA that as we are growing older, we’re going to die old.  Each new year or birthday is one more year old for us.  No matter if we’re poor or rich, every one of us has always been subjected to the master of death.  Once death arrives, we have to let go of everything that has made us who we are while kicking.

If age reversal technology is possible, it means a grandmother who’s 90 years old could become 15 years old again.  Nonetheless, she would still go on living with her 60-year-old daughter, 65-year-old son, and whatnot.  Does this mean the meaning of from cradle to grave has to be redefined?  The whole fabric of society would be turned upside-down because we would not be able to tell the differences between our grandmother and our teenage daughters and sons.  Rules and laws that govern the morals of relationships among family members and friends would morph into things of an alien culture.  What if a grandmother wants to become a two-year-old again?  Will a granddaughter step up to breastfeed her grandmother?  See how twisted things will be?

In my gut, I don’t think age-reversal technology will be possible, but the ancient people could never have imagined what we had already accomplished with our space rockets.  For better or worse, I think our cultures will morph into one big weird alien culture as our cultures grow with time.  Some futuristic technologies such as age reversal, as they come into being, will make us question our moral values and ethics.

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