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Creative Thinking: Aliens & A Star   

I read something on the Internet today, and the article mentioned that a star, Gliese 710, is heading toward our solar system.  This is interesting to me since I have only heard of other smaller bodies of space to be traveling around like a comet or so, but something as big as 60% of our Sun could be traveling like this is something new to me entirely.  The article mentioned that in about 1.35 million years or so, this star would enter our solar system and cut through Oort Cloud which may trigger lots of other smaller bodies of space to travel in earth’s direction.  This could mean a lot of stuff could hurl toward the earth and create lots of destruction.

Anyhow, that is interesting, but my imagination is running wild again.  I’m thinking that if an alien civilization out there is so advanced that they have the knowledge of turning a star or a planet into a spaceship.  Perhaps, they could travel to another solar system without ever needing a smaller spaceship to do so.  They could breed and live as usual in a planet-size spaceship, and once they arrive at a solar system they would carry on whatever they have had in mind.

Nonetheless, the question is can the aliens remember their objectives after 1.35 million years?  Or perhaps, in couple hundred thousand more years, the aliens already know how to speed up their star size spaceship to the point that it will reach earth for let’s say in half the time of 1.35 million years?

Anyhow, this is only a scenario in which my imagination runs wild, so don’t take what I’m writing here literally.  For all we know, perhaps it’s only a star that hurls toward earth’s direction.  Nonetheless, as an intelligent species, we humans should be open to all possibilities, and only in this manner that we may never be caught by any surprises which could devastate us all.

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