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Create Your Own Chat GPT Chatbot   

Want to interact with the OpenAI Codex API?  What do I mean?  Chat GPT is relying on OpenAI API to answer your hardest questions, and we can code our own Chat GPT by also relying on the same OpenAI API.  By following the "Build and Deploy Your Own ChatGPT AI App in JavaScript | OpenAI, Machine Learning" Youtube video, I was able to create a chatbot of my own that got the intelligence of Chat GPT.  It's quite cool.  You can find the complete project on my OpenAI GitHub repository.  I didn't try to deploy the app as how the video instructs because I think if I really want to incorporate a smart chatbot into any app, I would do it with Python, specifically in the Django framework.  This means I will have to convert the server-side JavaScript script to a Django view in views.py.  By the way, OpenAI gives out a limited free API key.  If you want to permanently use the OpenAI API, you have to pay.  Regardless, I think the whole project is quite fun since this helps improve my JavaScript knowledge.  Check out the video right after the break.

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