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Can The Universe Itself Be A Smart AI According To Some Higher Being's Design?   

In the last blog post "Can Our Universe Expand Forever Or Expand Then Contract Later Just So It Could Die?" (link)  I surmised that the universe (our universe among many others) could have been expanding and contracting according to how it got fed with external energy -- where such force would have to wander outside our very own singularity.  Without such an external nursery of energy, I surmised that our universe is like a quantifiable fish aquarium.  Nonetheless, we all know that even a human being could be intelligibly randomized things at will -- thus I think according to the universe we're sentient beings are the AI (artificial intelligence).  How about let me surmise some more and say that -- what if the universe itself is a higher artificial intelligent force that could randomize things at will to expand and contract according to circumstances?

We human beings could only see the results of why the universe is expanding and contracting according to our very own theories -- but why would the universe do such a thing?  What's the point of expanding or contracting?  Expanding to create more empty space for what?  Contracting is like a suicidal attempt of killing itself off so the existence of the universe itself would cease to exist.  Furthermore, perhaps the universe itself is like a smart TV or fishbowl/aquarium which was designed by a higher being.  This way the purpose of expanding and contracting won't be the burden with which the universe has to carry.  This burden could be carried by the designer of the universe.

At this point, I think it's more like philosophical thinking than anything concrete on this matter, but it's so intriguing nonetheless.  In my opinion, philosophical or not, it's rather important for us sentient beings to dig deeper into our origin.  After all, if we could not remember how we'd come into being, then we would forever aimlessly forget about our roots and forever lost -- wandering in a dark forest (Three-Body Problem's sci-fi trilogy second book is also titled The Dark Forest).  I think only when we could figure out the true root of how we'd come into existence, it is then that we could evolve to be something greater.  Perhaps in such a quest, we could discover new technology to bring us to new heights; we could grow into even more capable and intelligent sentient beings.

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