Something New: Free Music

I just finished setting up a brand new website which allows you to listen to music for free.  Check it out at  Enjoy!

Run Your Own Netflix?

Do you want to be just like Netflix or Amazon Prime and stream videos to whoever?  Well, only if you don’t mind spending like $59.99 a month to allow s3Bubble stream your videos that you host with Amazon S3 service.  Actually, the cost could go way up since you also have to pay Amazon for Amazon S3 service.  Amazon S3 service is like a static web host service, because each bucket could hold all sorts of files and data such as a video.  It’s kind of interesting how s3Bubble would make it easy for you to be your own Netflix, because you can also stream 4K videos to whoever.  I wonder how much it would cost for the bandwidth though, because I’m unsure if s3Bubble would just only charge you $59.99 a month.  Since bandwidth data have to travel out of Amazon S3 service, and so I assume that you would also have to pay for bandwidth cost to Amazon.  Anyhow, depending on how busy your do it yourself Netflix site becomes, you could pay a fortune to stream videos.  Furthermore, if you stream videos that are copyrighted, you’ll be in a lot of trouble.  Nonetheless, the technology is there for one man/woman to become a Netflix service.  Quite interesting I must say.  Check out the video right after the break to see how the whole process would work.  Enjoy!

My New Free Classified Ad Service Zessir Is Up And Running

I have decided to give hosting a free classified ad service a serious try, and so I’m in the process of decommissioning and releasing/tuning a brand new free classified ad service known as  I hope whoever needs such a service will give a tryout.

By the way, Zessir has strict settings and policies that are aiming to prevent spams and bots.  This means software that allow auto classified ad posting won’t have an easy time in posting ads on  Each listing needs to be manually validated through email before an ad would be activated for the public.

Does Zessir sounds like Yes Sir?  That’s the idea!

Right now, only listings in Real Estate category get to have 90 days expiration date, and the rest get 30 days expiration date.

One known bug for the site is that you cannot delete an ad without an error, but that’s OK, because the site got a plugin which goes into the database and removes inactive and deleted ads.  So, if you happen to delete an ad which won’t go away, rest assure that the software in the background will eventually delete such listings for you.

As an admin, I’ll try my best to keep Zessir clean from nasty ads and so on.  No promise that I’ll do a good job, but I’ll always be on alert of such things.  Zessir is using Let’s Encrypt SSL to protect users with SSL encryption, and so you should have amble encryption security when accessing

Zessir is also using CloufFlare to cache webpages and whatnot.  CloudFlare also provides additional layers of Internet security.  This means you’re well protected when using  Give a try today!  After all, it’s FREE!

Manage Multiple Cloud Services With Jolicloud Drive Google Chrome Extension

Do you use online cloud storage service?  Do you have multiple accounts with multiple cloud storage services?  Do you use Google Chrome browser?  If you say yes to all of these questions, then Jolicloud Drive Extension for Google Chrome can help you manage multiple online cloud storage services at once with ease.  In the video right after the break, I briefly introduce you to Jolicloud Drive Chrome Extension.  Enjoy!!!