Blender: My First Blender Project And Experience, A Coffee Cup Is A Lot More Than Hello World Kind Of Things

I’ve known of Blender, open-source/free 3D rendering software, for a long time and installed the latest version onto my PC whenever the opportune moment arrived, but I have never really tried to learn and use it.  Today, I committed some of my time to try to create my first Blender’s 3D rendered image.  By following the “Blender Tutorial For Beginners: Coffee Cup” videos (there are 2 parts), I was able to render a very nice coffee cup.  I did not follow the tutorial videos I mentioned to the letter, because I scaled the middle part of my coffee cup a bit bigger and outward.  Basically, what I meant was that my coffee cup is more round in the overall shape.  Moreover, I rendered the coffee cup with 1000 samplers and .98 clamp.  The tutorial videos rendered the coffee cup with 250 samplers and .98 clamp.  According to the tutorial videos, the higher the number for the samplers of a rendered image, the better the image will look.  I guess, it’s also true for the clamp.  I think the higher the clamp number between 0 and 1, the less fireflies there will be.  The tutorial videos explained that the fireflies are those white pixels that appear in unwanted place when the image gets rendered.  I guess .98 clamp meant 98% for clamp, but please do correct me if I’m wrong on this.

Anyhow, after following the tutorial videos, I got myself a very nice 3D rendered coffee cup image.  Check out the cup right after the break.

Blender 3D rendered cup 01 with 1000 samplers and .98 clamp

You can download the Blender project files that I created for this very image by clicking on this link -> Blender 3D rendered Coffee Cup Project Files By Vinh Nguyen.  I used Blender 2.7 version to render this very 3D coffee cup image.

Right after the break, you can check out the YouTube tutorial videos that I watched and learned to create the coffee cup.