Dr. David Dao Vs. United Airlines, Dr. David Dao Will Win

I’m going to be a jerk and predict what will be the outcome of Dr. David Dao’s lawsuit versus United Airlines.  Of course, I will speak out of my you know what since all I’m going to do is speaking from my point of view with no experience in regarding to the field and regulations that overseer the situation in which Dr. David Dao is in.  So here we go.  I think other airlines such as Delta would push United Airlines to settle the case with Dr. David Dao out of court, because the case could get even more exposure during and after the trial.  Since overbooking practice is rather profitable for the airline industry — and if the case goes on to become the hallmark for future rules and regulations that would be imposed on the airline industry — I don’t think the airline industry would be very happy to see the case drags out in court.  I think the airline industry would push for Dr. David Dao’s case to be settled out of court.

Of course, it’s up to the United Airlines to decide if they want Dr. David Dao’s lawsuit against them to be dragged out in court or not.  For sure though, Dr. David Dao and his two Chicago prominent lawyers, Stephen Golan and Thomas Demetrio, are going to do their best in fighting for Dr. David Dao in court.  These lawyers are said to be prominent in Chicago, thus it means that these lawyers are knowing their trade rather well.  With good lawyers, I don’t see how Dr. David Dao could lose the case against United Airlines unless justice is no longer a value which holds dear to peoples’ heart.  Seriously, the other passengers who filmed, yelled and complained about the treatment that United Airlines served Dr. David Dao, which is clearly shown in the video that was posted onto the Internet, could already sway any sane person to Dr. David Dao’s proposition.  I don’t think United Airlines has a case at all against Dr. David Dao.

In summary, the end result of Dr. David Dao vs United Airlines could be the hallmark of how not to bloodied up an innocent paid passenger on the plane for no good reason at all.  After all, Dr. David Dao was an innocent paid passenger who did nothing wrong and want to get home safely and soundly.  (There are minutes in other videos that show Dr. David Dao was calmly speaking to the authorities in regarding to why he needs to go home and cannot give up his seat.  He wasn’t belligerent at all.)  Unfortunately, the customer service of the United Airlines was so bad in this case that they had Dr. David Dao’s face bloodied up and who would know what other way he was hurt during the struggle and after he got dragged out of the plane like an animal.  What worse was that United Airlines didn’t immediately come out to apologize to the man, but they supported their employees’ nasty action against Dr. David Dao.  Dr. David Dao is now facing a smear campaign that tries to make him looks bad by the people who had dug up his past history.  Nonetheless, Dr. David Dao — who got bloodied up on the plane — was just an innocent paid passenger whose past doesn’t matter in that moment, and so the smear campaign just shows the people who try to shame him are really the ones who got no class.  By the way, Dr. David Dao still has his doctor license and can practice his trade.  This means it’s legitimately correct when he said he got patient to see and needed to go home.  Nonetheless, even if he didn’t have a patient to see, it does not mean United Airlines got the right to beat the paid passenger up for this sole reason or even with the reason to bump a passenger off the plane.

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