Dishonored Gameplay Episode 1 (4K Resolution – PC)

In few more days, Dishonored 2 will come out.  I already pre-ordered Dishonored 2, but I haven’t yet played Dishonored 1, ever.  This gameplay video of Dishonored 1 is how I’m trying to get into this whole Dishonored game franchise.  I don’t think I will be able to finish playing the whole Dishonored 1, but I’m playing it anyway before I would play Dishonored 2 at the release day.  Although the graphics for Dishonored 1 is somewhat outdated, but oh boy the arts are great.  Dishonored 1’s gameplay isn’t bad either, and so hopefully I will be able to see great improvements in Dishonored 2.  As always, I’m playing this game in 4K resolution.  When Dishonored 2 comes out, I’ll also play it in 4K resolution at max graphics settings.  For now, if you’re like me haven’t yet played Dishonored 1 and yet wanting to play Dishonored 2, you can always watch this video for a bit or go watch somebody else’s gameplay for Dishonored 1 to get to see the whole story of Dishonored 1.  After all, Dishonored 2 is the continuation of Dishonored 1’s story.  Enjoy!

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