Infinity Is Magical

In my opinion, the word [Infinity] is very magical.  This word is an oxymoronic, because the idea of the word is so human.  First of, as a human we are living record to be wiped out eventually, because death is always ready to come knocking when the time is up.  As being humans, we have wild imagination on how death will come and what will come after death.  Some of us like to think death is just an abruption of life, because we may be reborn in another world or in heaven or hell, depending on how much we have sinned on earth.  Some of us also like to think death is the end of everything.  Basically, we cannot ever come back to life to retell the transformation of what had happened after death to any living being.  Nonetheless, the big picture is all about life would go on without us.  Thus we have a picture of death which destroys things, and the rebirth of other things that make life goes on.  This is why infinity is an oxymoronic word!

Even the whole universe will someday be destroyed.  If this is going to happen, everything within a universe will cease to exist.  Nonetheless, how do we know infinity will be truly dead?  We are not capable of knowing when the universe will end, and so how do we know if there won’t be another rebirth of a universe?  We are sure there was a rebirth of a universe, because we are in it at the moment.  This notion does assure us that we cannot be sure there won’t be another rebirth of a universe, because the phenomenon had happened before!  In a way, the word infinity is contradicting itself if a universe is to be destroyed, but a rebirth of a universe would confirm the true meaning of the word infinity.  Nonetheless, if the next universe won’t have any human being in it, will infinity stick around?  Perhaps, the aliens won’t have a word or even a notion of the infinity, because they just won’t care or won’t get it.  If the meaning of the word infinity isn’t being understood by a being, the word itself ceases to exist!  Once again, the word infinity, as being very human, is totally an oxymoronic idea!  Nonetheless, it’s very magical indeed!

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