Fairy Tale (Poem by Vinh Nguyen)

Just another poem I’d written thus far.  Enjoy!!!

Time would not wait on anyone,
no party would last forever,
it’s an illusion to be someone,
giving time, you’d be erased forever.

Knowing things are so impermanent,
and it’s hard to say goodbye,
thus, good time is impermanent,
because this too is going to fly by.

Good time is hard to come by,
once nearby, good time is one heck of a memory,
a good time would fly by,
leaving behind a ghostly trace in memory.

Memory too is to be forgotten,
if not… it would be wiped out in time,
for time is the graveyard of the humans,
and the humans are vessels of memory in time.

In time, too, time would be forgotten,
once upon a time, in a fairy tale…
by a bard camp, happy time was not forgotten,
but now it’s only a fairly tale.

Perhaps, the fairies of the future,
would look back and not see time,
for they are of the future,
thus, time would not be their rhymes.

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