God Had Abandoned It (Poem by Vinh Nguyen)

Just another poem I’d written thus far.  Enjoy!!!

  • Like a captured monkey in a cage,
  • being abandoned for years on end,
  • being fed just enough to feel pain,
  • being tortured by solitude with no end,
  • with zero sense of communication,
  • it felt utterly isolated in all senses,
  • finally…
  • they destroyed the cage’s metal fence,
  • releasing it into the wild,
  • seeing it struggled in wild dense,
  • it was intense and so they loved it,
  • seeing it felt new pains with no end,
  • it was intense and so they loved it,
  • oh, the pains, it wished them to end,
  • god had abandoned it…
  • even god was amused by the intense,
  • thus god encouraged them cold bastards on,
  • “go on, go on, let’s see it feels more mundane,”
  • these cold bastards went on torturing a soul,
  • making it fought against a fate with an end,
  • an end which was worse than mere fate,
  • because god had abandoned it in the end…

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