China’s Ghost Cities Are Myths?

As China becomes evermore wealthier, the world looks at China with envy.  Since I’m living in the United States, China is an exotic place to me.  Nonetheless, as the mainstream media prolifically and periodically publishes new stories on China, I’ve become evermore interested in China.  I notice though lately there are many negative news on China, because China is so complex.  On the one hand, China is getting wealthier, but on the other hand China is dealing with hosts of problems such as urbanization.  People say that by 2030 China might have another 250 million plus people who will live in the cities as the urbanization process is ongoing.  Out of 1.4 billion plus people in China in this moment in time, people estimate that roughly around 52 plus percentage of 1.4 billion plus Chinese is already being urbanized.  Anyhow, since China is urbanizing at breakneck speed, many cities in China are popping up really fast as if these cities are popping out of the thin air.  Some people begin to claim these new cities are ghost cities of China.  It seems like China can build up a brand new city within two to three years period.

The mainstream media loves to harp on China’s ghost city angle.  Nonetheless, I’ve noticed foreigners in China have been reporting on YouTube that China’s ghost city angle might be a shortsighted trend.  In the video right after the break, a man who’s traveling in China for years suggests that his first China’s ghost city is now fully populated and the process of populating this city took less than a decade.

In my opinion, in a country that is 1.4 billion plus people with breakneck urbanization, I think the Westerners like us should not be shortsighted to think that China’s ghost cities are plenty.  Nonetheless, in the video above, the speaker of the video says that Chinese and foreigner investors invest in China’s ghost cities so quickly — by buying up properties in these areas way before regular folks have their chance of buying dream homes for settling down — thus driving up the price of the real estate market in these so called ghost cities and preventing regular folks from being able to populate the so called ghost cities quick enough.  Nonetheless, in the video above, the speaker of the video says that even with such lagging development in populating the so called ghost cities in China, many if not all of these so called China’s ghost cities have eventually became populated and developed into full blown cities.  I think Westerners like us should take a closer look at China’s breakneck urbanization so we could be more insightful.  After all, China’s breakneck urbanization is happening at the insane rate that many people would say they’ve never seen something like this had been done at such a scale ever before in the human history.


2 thoughts on “China’s Ghost Cities Are Myths?

  1. Hey, thank you for writing this article. I am always interested in this topic of “ghost cities”. Very informative and the video was very useful.

    • Yep, I’ve found this YouTube video interesting since it’s from a real foreigner in China. I’m glad you like this blog post!

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