Just Another Video On China’s Straddling Bus Concept

Just found another video on China’s future straddling bus.  I’m really interested in this idea since it does seem like a good way to move people around the city in public transportation vehicles without the need to be stuck in the regular traffic jams.  It is another option for people who prefer to save gas, cut down pollution, go green, and use public transportation.  Through this sort of transportation the people don’t even have to worry about the traffic jams.  Does this mean people can save time too by boarding a straddling bus?  I’m living in the United States of America, and I really want to see something like this over here too.  I’m crossing my fingers and we’ll see, eh?

2 thoughts on “Just Another Video On China’s Straddling Bus Concept

  1. Well at the first look it seems to be a very good idea and much more cheaper to build than a subway tunnel.
    But there is one problem you cant solve. Only small vehicles can pass throught the first floor of the bus. Higher vehicles have to stay behind the bus or even worse if there is a high lorry in front of the staddeling bus the public transport stucks in the traffic jam again.
    At least not all car drivers will drive carefully and there are a lot of opportunities to get into collision with such a big bus on pylons.
    I thinkstraddle busses are like the Transrapid, to special to be sucessfull.

    • I think the straddling bus is built to allow at least SUV size vehicles to pass under. Anything is taller than SUV vehicles should be illegal to drive on the straddling bus lanes. In China, they can come out laws that do not need to be voted by general population, and so this means nobody can object to the law that wants to dictate which lane a vehicle can drive on. I don’t see there is a problem to having straddling bus in China at all. Now, in the USA, voters may prevent this sort of technology from happening since we may argue all lanes should be available for all vehicles, except the toll lanes that require payments/fees.

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