You’re One Of A Kind (Poem By Vinh Nguyen)

Just another poem I’d written thus far.  Enjoy!!!

  • Poem, you’re one of a kind,
  • a thousand words I may use,
  • to describe an image,
  • and I can also be a ruse,
  • with a word I draw 1000 images.
  • People dine fine dinner and wine,
  • criticizing others as they gather,
  • cigar smoke, filling the warm room,
  • some people smile for stature,
  • through a picture, I enter the room.
  • Fine arts display as shrines,
  • they’re boldly lining up among the walls,
  • a boat and calm water entice me much,
  • and so I climb through a wall,
  • suddenly, this boat is bobbing much.
  • Long gone the sunshine,
  • a small storm is lingering by,
  • I scream and shout a poem,
  • suddenly, long gone the wavering tide,
  • reality rushes back as long gone the poem.

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