New Eden (Poem by Vinh Nguyen)

Just another poem I’d written thus far.  Enjoy!!!

  • The ship shook violently,
  • nerve racking crews bounced,
  • captain wore his grim face,
  • “report,” as he shouted aloud.
  • “Captain, a fusion hiccup,”
  • without breaking a sweat,
  • a young lad reported,
  • to ease his captain’s worry.
  • A ship of a new era,
  • a captivated design,
  • a beta inception indeed,
  • an inception of a space age.
  • Many sweats and tears,
  • and a fortune was spent,
  • so men of a new era,
  • could explore a new frontier.
  • Before the new era,
  • fusion was elusive,
  • too hot to contain,
  • too exotic to be useful.
  • The new dawn had arrived,
  • fusion was realized,
  • in an unheard fashion,
  • pushing ships near light speed.
  • Earlier fusion tech had it,
  • ten percent of light speed,
  • new devices by trials,
  • pushing fusion near light speed.
  • Striving to make history,
  • fear not for their lives,
  • men climbed aboard,
  • a very first fusion ship.
  • Shooting for a historic moment,
  • the fusion ship shot away,
  • in glorious hooray,
  • the fusion ship vanished.
  • She sped so fast,
  • human eyes could not catch,
  • as she sped away,
  • hooray felt empty.
  • History was in the making,
  • one right after another,
  • our captain was sure,
  • another earth was in reach.
  • From the real earth men saw,
  • another earth from afar,
  • albeit they could only guess,
  • the compositions through instruments.
  • Our captain was sure,
  • men would reach a new Eden,
  • new Eden for this old race,
  • that had already worn out the old earth.
  • Thus our captain and his fusion ship,
  • hastily speeding toward this new earth,
  • for there be awaited a new Eden,
  • for there be a first man space colony.
  • Little had our captain knew,
  • space was stranger than fiction,
  • thus upon the arrival,
  • our captain was in shock.
  • The new earth was crowded,
  • with Adam and Eve everywhere,
  • too many to be counted,
  • the whole damn new earth was populated.
  • The truth was stranger than fiction,
  • our captain found himself,
  • and the crew too found themselves,
  • captain and the crew were in a parallel.
  • Imagination was to be shamed,
  • back on old earth our captain was lonely,
  • yet he found his copy with a wife,
  • happily married on this new Eden.
  • One among the crew,
  • found his unsavory self,
  • who got addicted to drugs,
  • and so broken on this new Eden.
  • Thus fiction was bested,
  • fusion to a parallel world,
  • one historic moment after another,
  • breaking out in full force.
  • To the new Eden we cheered,
  • to the new brothers we found,
  • dead or alive they were,
  • all were very parallel.
  • Thus it begged our captain to wonder,
  • could there be more parallels?
  • Perhaps, he could just wander,
  • in a fusion ship to more parallels.
  • Thus one new Eden wasn’t enough,
  • our captain was mad about parallel,
  • he demanded geeks to ponder,
  • where could he find another parallel?

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