Will We Come In Peace? (Poem by Vinh Nguyen)

Just another poem I’d written thus far.  Enjoy!!!

  • On this little watery planet,
  • earth is what we call it,
  • has many myths and legends,
  • but none is so alien,
  • unless we’re talking about UFO.
  • Oh, little green man,
  • or you must be a green woman,
  • with big head and weird eyes,
  • do tell us that you come in peace,
  • or do I have to be worried?
  • Thus UFO is both myth and legend,
  • zipping around with blinding speed,
  • too fast for us to know the truth,
  • planting illusive hope for seeing them come,
  • so we can shake their green hands in peace.
  • Obsessive as we are with UFO,
  • because we don’t really know,
  • why can’t we identify something,
  • and some of us go to great extent,
  • turning hoaxes into modern legends.
  • The confusion is compounding,
  • as science is advancing,
  • thus astronomy progresses nicely,
  • telling us there’s a huge possibility,
  • for them green outsiders to visit us.
  • After all there are countless planets,
  • to the point we can’t count them all,
  • and we don’t know how many more,
  • that are existing out there in space,
  • thus the possibility is truly fantastic.
  • Here we are becoming too obsessive,
  • with everything that is unidentified,
  • we scream UFO when it’s a hoax,
  • we scream hoax when it’s UFO,
  • thus UFO is truly unidentified.
  • The irony is us very being,
  • calling them weird and being green,
  • but we have yet to meet any,
  • and then we UFO the moon,
  • Mars too isn’t being so lucky.
  • We UFO another planet,
  • with our green robotic rovers,
  • to see if there is a green man,
  • or if there is a green woman,
  • to have a green handshake.
  • Perhaps, they’re out there,
  • out there somewhere waiting for us,
  • with their weird green hands,
  • hoping to shake ours,
  • but will they come in peace?
  • Perhaps, we’re green ourselves,
  • one day we’ll find them for sure,
  • with our green hands,
  • hoping to shake theirs,
  • but will we come in peace?

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