I Dream Of Expansive Game Universe That Is So Rich And Mind Blowing

My next dream space game will be grand!  Obviously, I’m good at dreaming, but not really good at making things happened.  Thus, I hope whoever reads this will have the ability to make it come true.  Without further ado, here is my idea.

The idea is to create a game universe that is so rich in which it will blow your mind!  Imagine a world in which you can do time travel, enjoy parallel universe, and explore fancy elements — such as magic, ancient swordplays and customs, modern gunplay and customs, and futuristic warfares and customs — all in a single game.  Sure, some of you who read this might think this is an absurd idea, because it will be a mess in your opinion.  This is intended mess I assure you that much, because there are time travel and parallel universe elements in play.

To further articulate this vision, just imagine you were on a spaceship and traveled toward an unknown planet for an exploration detail.  At arrival, your captain (as how in Star Trek should be) demanded that you commenced a scan on the planet to see the planet status of development and planet’s anomalies.  After a scan, you told the captain that the planet is inhabited by a known species known as human, but it seems that the species is not as sophisticated as yours.  The captain was in shock and awe and questioned your judgment, but you had none of it.  You explained to the captain that although spaceship’s crew members and yourself are human, the species down on this planet, although the same species with yours, is a very different animal.  The captain would ask, how could that be?  You explained that it seemed that the wormhole had somehow catapulted the spaceship into a parallel universe in which the planet is earth itself but with a different history and time period.

With the knowledge, the captain told the crew members and you that he would not want to pollute the so called earth within a parallel universe with his own human’s knowledge and development capabilities and so on.  So the game would begin to allow the specific gamer to choose the basic (starter) clothing and weapon that could only be fit within the context of the planet’s history, culture, development, and time period.  Once the gamer chose the right clothing and weapon, the game would allow the gamer to explore the planet as if the gamer is exploring a brand new MMORPG environment but with heavy Single Player game plots and stories.  Imagine if the game developers create a game like this with hundred thousands (or even more) of so called planets — each planet is so large that it will take years for a gamer to fully explore a planet — this whole game is going be so epic and big and super complex.  Adding to the possibilities, if the stories for each planet are so intricate, awesome, and immersive, I think the game will be mind blowing.

This game should not be about grinding, but it has the potential for grinding if it needs be.  Instead this game should be about exploration.  The stories within should be so rich that a gamer could be immersed to the point that he would think he’s a part of a game or a fantasy/sci-fi movie and not an observant.  This requires heavy cutscenes that allow free exploration.  What I mean by that?  Imagine while a gamer is observing a cutscene, but yet a gamer can explore the cutscene as if it’s not a cutscene (but with cutscene quality).  By exploring the cutscene, the gamer should be able to influence how the cutscene unfolds, therefore the cutscene itself can also be unique.  If a game can achieve where no single cutscene is repeated, then it would be mind blowing.  Nonetheless I doubt this is possible, but you can never know right?

Of course, the graphics got to be top-notch and so called next generation gaming graphics.

This game should have frequent massive space battles that are similar to Eve Online.  So in a way, this game should be blowing Eve Online out of space in term of space battling and space exploration and space mechanics.  All in all, you can imagine this game as Eve Online plus the best ground MMORPG games plus the best modern first person shooting games.  How come?  Each planet presents a totally different unique circumstance, thus different gameplay and mechanics might be different to a point as long the common (global) gameplay and mechanics are intact.

In summary, this game will be a massive undertaking, and so I don’t think it will be easy for a small group of developers to develop this sort of a game.  After all, each planet within is like a whole new game.  Adding on to the top of it all, the space dimension of this game should also be articulated fully, thus the expansive space dimension of this game will expand the whole game in a mind boggling way.  Just imagine the massive effort of making the arts for this game is already so mind boggling already.  All I can say, this is another dream I have for either making a game or enjoying a game.  The making part I know I can’t at the moment, because I lack the skill and the money to do so.  The enjoying part is also doubtful, because I don’t think there will be somebody that is crazy enough to undertake this sort of challenge just for a game.  Unless I’m wrong of course!  Let’s hope I’m wrong!

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