Gravity (Poem by Vinh Nguyen)

Just another poem I had written thus far.  Enjoy!!!

  • Wars broke out in droves,
  • destroying world’s dreams,
  • destroying world’s hopes,
  • calamities broke out in teams,
  • strangling hopes with ropes,
  • sucking the life out of dreams.
  • Sane men dared not be arrogant,
  • to think peace would last forever,
  • sane women dared not be arrogant,
  • to think love would last forever,
  • yet hell spawned devilish instant,
  • fueling chaos since whenever.
  • Pockets of cultures with divided visions,
  • fending themselves from one another,
  • dreaming that each division with reasons,
  • be the sole reason for survival of no other,
  • thus they went on ignoring reasons,
  • unless their survival depended on another.
  • Men with reasons debated no longer,
  • debated not, yet newer technology arrived,
  • while men with religions debated stronger,
  • debated yes, fanatic killings strived,
  • feuds between science and religions grew longer,
  • mass destructive power thrived.
  • As connected we had always been,
  • yet we had been so disconnected,
  • from love to hate we had seen,
  • these dramas would go on repeated,
  • chaos broke out often as we had seen,
  • confirming how we had been so disconnected.
  • They could say the truth needed no reason,
  • for it had to be true and pure,
  • nonetheless, we could argue it would be a treason,
  • to think truth would always be pure,
  • for lies had been hard at work to give reasons,
  • making a case which truth could not be so pure.
  • Thus truth and lies gave rise to doubts,
  • that construed nothing could be so constant,
  • from being connected to disconnected, we had doubts,
  • doubting the reasons for our existence,
  • amazing how we got so much doubts,
  • gravity remained the only connected constant.
  • Gravity connected everything there was ever there,
  • from planets to lowly animals, these were always being connected,
  • nothing escaped the gravity unless a different reality was there,
  • nonetheless, the reality could be so disconnected,
  • giving the appearance of gravity was never there,
  • so people thought floating in space was gravity being disconnected.
  • Nothing was further from the truth,
  • gravity connected us to the universe,
  • our reality allowed gravity to be the root,
  • thus it gave rise to our arrival within this universe,
  • since our arrival, lies often strangled truth,
  • giving rise to the belief of a disconnected universe.
  • Knowing we could be so connected by gravity,
  • which proved to be more constant than blood,
  • thus we should cherish our differences with gravity,
  • thus we should worry less about our differences in blood,
  • the invisible thread of gravity,
  • it had always been this reality’s lifeblood.

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