Thief (2014) Gameplay Episode 01 – Prologue (The Drop) And Chapter 1 (Lock Down) – 4K Resolution

OK, Thief (2014) video game for consoles and PC just got released, and so I have to put all my gameplay projects for other games on halt.  I’ve been waiting for this title since the time I knew of its released date (i.e., February 25th 2014).  Finally, I got to play it!  Just for your information, I’ve not played any Thief title before this one, ever!  Nonetheless, I’ve heard Thief is a series, and so the developers of Thief had previously released couple Thief titles already.

Let me tell you briefly how I feel about Thief right off the bat.  I like it, because its arts and graphics are beautiful.  Nonetheless, I’ve found many bugs within the game, and I hope the developers of Thief (2014) are hard at work to patch the game.  Besides the annoying bugs (e.g., voice duplication, turning off music in option turns off voiceover of characters, arrows floating on air, sometimes music is way too loud and voiceover is way too soft), I think the overall gameplay is beautiful.  I like Thief’s storyline very much!

Anyhow, check out my gameplay of “Thief (2014)” – Chapter 1 right after the break.  Enjoy!!!

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