The Great Experimentation

worldmap, world map, maps of world

worldmap, world map, maps of world (Photo credit: nsikander28)

The world is getting smaller not because of a freak accident which shrinks the earth, but it’s because of how us humans, across all races, have begun to utilize technology such as the Internet to explore culture differences among world cultures.  As time goes on, I think more people will try to experience the culture differences among world cultures even more; technology of the future will make the whole process fluid.  As cross culture experiences become the great experimentation, will this change world politics?

Perhaps, one day, whether we like it or not, the great experimentation will become the norm to the point that politics among countries might be of little differences and more of the same.  Politics among the world might find it is hard to not stick their nose in each other’s politics.  Perhaps, self-ruled nations’ sovereignties will become less important?  What if we take the pessimistic point of view, will the great experimentation present a much more chaotic world order where cultural differences might instigate hatreds and violences?

Of course, nobody knows how the future will turn out, but we can pick and choose a trend to foolishly make a prediction of what the future might be.  Nonetheless, I think the great experimentation is already happening as we speak.  The advancement of technology is transforming humans’ earthly society as we speak.  Society of today is behaving quite different from the society of the past, but tomorrow will be even of a greater difference.

Technology such as the Internet has already allowed us humans to either isolate ourselves from real life experiences or vice versa, depending on how an individual uses the Internet.  One example would be, she wants to meet more strangers therefore she joins an Internet social circle on a popular dating website.  Another example would be, he is an introvert therefore he plays games all day and only interacts with online gamers through voice chat.

In politics though, I think if more people are going to prioritize peace over war, more people of the world will sing a similar tune and play a similar beat, therefore more people will have a familiar political point of view.  The question is, can technology go so far to the point of instigating peoples of the world to forgo political differences and melt their cultural experiences into one?  Will extreme violence come first before the great experimentation becomes the norm?

Whether one likes the idea of a smaller world or not, it’s already happening.  The ultimate fear is that, it might be happening in a very apocalyptic way.  If the world is getting smaller in a good way, not detrimentally affecting the peoples of the world, peace might reign supreme and more good things will come, politically or not.  Thanks to technology?

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