Get A Glimpse Of “Star Citizen” Spaceship Potential

“X-Rebirth” will definitely bring the space video game with trading element genre to the next level, but it’s not the only space video game I’m eager to get my hand on.  How about Star Citizen?  According to Wikipedia’s “Star Citizen,” final release of “Star Citizen” will be in late 2015, but in between then and December of 2013 parts of this game will be released in modular approach so the mass can begin to be acquainted with the game.  Obviously, you never know if the date will be sticky to its schedule or not, because developing a game isn’t exactly that simple, right?  Anyhow, for now you can check out the video right after the break to see a clip of “Star Citizen” potential in action.

Afterthought:  Although I’m eager to see how “Star Citizen” will turn out eventually, but I don’t have enough confidence about “Star Citizen” as “X-Rebirth” just yet since too many things about “Star Citizen” have yet to be revealed.  Before I know more about “Star Citizen”, I can’t really say that I’m really for it.  On the other hand, I have a general idea how “X-Rebirth” might be since I have played a little bit of “X3:  Terran Conflict” video game.  “X3:  Terran Conflict” isn’t a game by itself as it’s belonging to the X series video games.

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