Oxymoronic Moron

Just another poetry I had written thus far.  Enjoy!!!

  • Perfection is an illusion,
  • a masking device for the imperfection,
  • denying the existence of the imperfection,
  • imperfectly it has tried,
  • yet the imperfection can be seen everywhere,
  • thus perfection is an oxymoron.
  • Oxymoron as perfection goes,
  • it has always perfectly set a perfection scale,
  • according to a time of the day,
  • illusive it is,
  • to the vanity of the imperfection,
  • the illusive perfection is here to stay.
  • Can anything be less oxymoronic?
  • As long whatever seeks the perfection,
  • it’s no less so oxymoronic,
  • yet without this illusive perfection,
  • yet without this oxymoronic moron,
  • how do we beat the imperfection?
  • Within oxymoronic moron,
  • there exists the imperfection,
  • there exists the illusive perfection,
  • the scale is there to weigh the two,
  • if one is tipping the scale,
  • the balance is out of whack.
  • It’s not a definitive scale per se,
  • yet it’s very visible if the imperfection gains upper hand,
  • perfection has got to be less illusive.
  • In seeking the illusive perfection mirage,
  • for better or worse,
  • the balance of the scale is out of whack.

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