Down That Dark Scary Alley

Just another poetry I came up today, and I thought I would share.

  • Down that dark scary alley
  • therein laid endless despairs and doomsayers
  • prayers could not penetrate its darkness
  • light could not exist
  • therein folks believed monsters would dwell
  • in the light of things nobody would know the truth
  • nevertheless monsters said to be roamed there.
  • Came a god of music declared there shall be music
  • music cranked loudly in sweet embrace
  • a sweet nectar of music penetrated the dark alley
  • footsteps of dancers could be heard in rhythms
  • a sweet nectar of angelic voice penetrated the dark alley
  • my body began to move
  • there I wandered deeper into this dark scary alley without fear.

One thought on “Down That Dark Scary Alley

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