Treasure Love Not, He Is An Emperor Without Clothes

Just something which I wrote as poetry today.  Enjoy!!!

  • He who has love can wage war or make peace
  • Without love neither will succeed
  • Nonetheless, such love won’t come by easily
  • Neither it will be just for free
  • Without love there will be no peace
  • Without love there will only be beasts
  • Nonetheless, he may take love for granted
  • When he has too much love just for being splendid
  • When he takes in only love without sharing
  • It is then that love might leave him without caring
  • He can become naked when love is no more
  • It is then his war and peace won’t come easily as before
  • To be loved or not is always the question
  • Oy the shackle and chain of love, it’s a torturous frustration
  • Nonetheless, if he wants to carry the sword that he freed from a stone
  • He must become king Arthur and be worthy for such a sword and stone
  • Who say it is easy to carry love around
  • Only the fool would think love is free and be forever easily found
  • It is when his war and peace cannot be waged
  • He may then understand abusing love can be ill fated
  • When he treasures love as how love should be treasured
  • Then his love will have boundless measures
  • He can then wage war and make peace
  • Galloping forward with a justice sword on an almighty steed
  • When he treasures love as how love should be treasured
  • Then he won’t be so naked when love finds no pleasure
  • If he does abuse love as if he wears out his clothes
  • Then he might find himself as an emperor without clothes

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