I See Birds And Bees

Another poem of mine.  By the way, for your information, wee isn’t something you think as naughty OK?  According to dictionary, wee is very early in the morning.  There you go…  Enjoy!!!

  • No matter how hard I try to sit still
  • To think about the birds and the bees
  • To dream about all the places that I could be
  • To drool about the what if and what isn’t still
  • To take a sip of time as if I drink some tea
  • To enjoy the calmness as if chaos is running lose
  • To invent chaos as if time standing still
  • There go those birds and bees
  • I want to see ’em within me
  • No matter how hard I try I won’t see
  • These birds and these bees
  • They kicking me hard
  • I can’t be pleased
  • Regardless of me trying so hard
  • It’s definitely not my time to play a bard
  • Exhaling slowly I do so just to see
  • If anything has changed within me
  • None whatsoever, and so I go eeeeee
  • Forget thee, forget thee
  • I’m going to get some tea
  • I’m not please
  • and I won’t be pleased until the next wee
  • Maybe…
  • come the next wee…
  • then the next again with ease…
  • again, damn the wee…
  • I haven’t yet been pleased
  • Lucky me
  • Suddenly, there this time isn’t a wee
  • I feel please
  • They flow out of me endlessly
  • Like an ocean that pours into a cup of tea
  • There I drink this tea…
  • in the time that isn’t a wee…
  • feeling please…
  • so please…
  • that I see these birds and bees

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