We Shall Plant These Humanity Seeds

Just another poetry I had written.  Enjoy!!!

  • In space there is time
  • In time there is space
  • One can never forget the other
  • For that will be strange and weird
  • This time and space won’t have it
  • Then there are countless strangers
  • For one that is gravity
  • For two that is stardust
  • For three as you keep counting
  • Countless strangers come to the party
  • They know they are all party stars
  • So we invite them all
  • To join a humankind exploration
  • A kind that explores
  • That vast loneliness
  • Existing just to exist
  • Existing just to mock
  • Mocking time and space and else
  • The stretching of nothingness
  • Mimicking what hell we like to imagine
  • Yet in nothingness there are wonders
  • They sprinkle themselves throughout
  • Mocking that irony of nothingness
  • With light that brightens everyone’s day
  • With wonders that awe us into infinity
  • We agree and nod
  • On the surface the illusion has it
  • Nothing could live out there
  • Nonetheless, here we are
  • Nonetheless, there they are
  • We got stars that shine bright to blind
  • We got a star that keeps on giving warmth
  • The warmth that heats up our lifeblood
  • So we be studious while having fun
  • Let learn and let live
  • We take note of them
  • So one day we will
  • We will the will to be this tiny frog
  • That leaps out of a tall well
  • To learn what is out there
  • We dare to dream what we want
  • We say we go to Mars
  • Although Mars does not know us
  • We call it Mars as if we’d always knew it
  • Mars we shall go to
  • From Mars we shall look back
  • To view a beautiful marble
  • A marble with earthly colored senses
  • It’s white and blue
  • It’s something else
  • Extremely beautiful it is
  • Although we might never know its beauty
  • Till we leave its nest
  • Suddenly we know then
  • We have missed it much
  • We shall stand on Mars
  • Sing and dance our earthly songs
  • Light up an earthly fire
  • Yet we will breathe in Mars
  • Let Mars be Mars
  • We shall have a new beginning
  • One among the many
  • Not to set out to plant a flag
  • Just so we can brag
  • It’s me not you who knows Mars first
  • Instead of anything we are
  • We shall go far
  • Not to brag but to learn
  • Not to brag but to explore
  • Spreading the humankind seeds
  • We spread these seeds far
  • To all corners of our mysterious space
  • To all corners of our forever resilient time
  • Gravity will forever present
  • Nonetheless, we shall defy it
  • As long as we humans live
  • We shall defy gravity
  • So we not to brag but to live
  • Living to explore and plant
  • We shall plant these humanity seeds

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