He Could Live Forever!

Something I wrote just a moment ago on this day as poetry.  Enjoy!!!

  • Once upon a time,
  • from a far far away land,
  • there was an old man
  • who told me that he would live forever.
  • It was ludicrous
  • for anyone to believe him,
  • but I almost did.
  • Come to think of him,
  • I think I did believe his tale.
  • Even now I feel
  • that he meant what he’d said.
  • At the time I asked,
  • what you mean by that old man.
  • He said he would live forever.
  • I replied in haste,
  • nobody lives forever.
  • Not even the trees you see,
  • nor the ocean you see,
  • nor the sky you see,
  • nor I stand here in front of you,
  • nor anything you could think of,
  • would live forever.
  • I continued…
  • things would change old man.
  • They just have to,
  • as her mother nature has always wanted.
  • The old man smiled and shook his head,
  • looked into my eyes as he had meant it.
  • Boy, believe me not,
  • but you’re wrong.
  • I asked him what have I wronged,
  • and he cleared his throat.
  • He said again,
  • I would live forever.
  • Frustrating me begged the old man,
  • you’ve got to clarify what you mean by that.
  • Am I talking to a wall?
  • Even a wall would not live forever.
  • Would the sky always be young and blue?
  • Would the mountain always be tall and strong?
  • Would the man like me always be smart and young?
  • Would the you always be you?
  • The old man face painted with years of wrinkles,
  • cleared his throat with dry crackles.
  • His body appeared to be too frail against the menacing wind.
  • The wind blew clean through his bald head.
  • His white beard, salted with gray strains, dangled wildly in the wind.
  • He seemed to be out of breath and life,
  • but his eyes got that gleamer of hope.
  • Perhaps, he had really believed he could live forever.
  • The old man throat was nicer now.
  • His voice got clearer and a tad warmer.
  • He said to me,
  • the wall, sky, mountain, us, and everything else you asked of me,
  • none of them is you.
  • He said this which I could never forget,
  • only you could live forever.
  • He smiled again in triumph,
  • Had he planted the frustration in me from the dawn of time?
  • I asked him again,
  • what if I don’t believe in living forever?
  • He replied in kind,
  • that is when you would die.
  • Boy, you could not simply wish for whatever to live forever,
  • but you could really do live forever.
  • Give up now, and you would die,
  • and I shall pity you my young friend.

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