Skyrim Wanderer – 77 Steam Workshop Mods and Counting

In Skyrim Wanderer video, I used 77 mods from Steam Workshop to enhance Skyrim gameplay.  Looking back I think the mods enhance Skyrim world a lot.  With that being said, I have to say the mods that allow me to cheat in Skyrim such as dark knight armor mod may not enhance Skyrim gameplay experience at all, because these mods are there for one reason only… to cheat your way through Skyrim.  Other than the cheat mods, I have to say other mods do make Skyrim very beautiful and less of a hassle.  Did you know you can also spawn just about anything that is possible to spawn in Skyrim through Skyrim console?  For an example, besides using cheat mods, I can just open up Skyrim console and type in few commands to allow my character to have access to golds, ores, ingredients, perks, and so on.  It’s that easy.  Therefore, sometimes I don’t use mods unless mods that can be easier to deal with than Skyrim’s console.  Google Skyrim’s console commands and you’ll know what I mean.  Please enjoy the video right after the break!

4 thoughts on “Skyrim Wanderer – 77 Steam Workshop Mods and Counting

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