Using GeForce Experience To Automatically Optimize Game Graphics Settings For PC Games

English: NVIDIA GeForce FX 5800 Ultra Graphic card

English: NVIDIA GeForce FX 5800 Ultra Graphic card (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

PC gamers know that each game behaves differently on their PC, because each game might need a different configuration for game graphics settings.  Using the wrong game graphics settings sometimes might actually choke the graphic card, therefore choking a great game experience.  Usually, PC gamers would do is to figure out if their graphic card supports a game they want to play or not before they purchase the game.  Afterward, they want to seek out the correct game graphics settings for the game from the Internet or from testing out different game graphics settings configurations through trial and error process, and then right just before they play their brand new game they would apply the best or I should say the optimal graphics settings for the game.

The second process where gamers have to apply the correct game graphics settings can be ranged from easy to sometimes plain confusing.  How come?  Some games might work well with just about any game graphics settings if you have the right graphic card, but some games might not.  When a game might not react that well to your graphic card or game graphics settings, you have to either tinker with the graphic card by overclocking or know how to tone down the game graphics settings.  So, getting an optimal game graphics settings for each game can sometimes be troublesome and time consuming.  This is why I like GeForce Experience.  You might like it too if you have a NVIDIA graphic card.

What GeForce Experience does is to automatically optimize game graphics settings for many games that you have installed on your PC.  It’s a beta version at we speak, but it’s working out rather well for my PC and PC gaming experience.  Check out the video right after the break to have a quick look at the GeForce Experience.

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