TERA Rising Introduction And Gameplay

Since World of Warcraft, plethora of MMORPG games had came out and tried to mimic WoW success.  Some made it and others failed terribly.  Nonetheless, the “MMORPG” game genre became something more when WoW was first made known.  Since the time I had quit played WoW, I bet there have been many good MMORPGs that got made.  Nonetheless, I got tired of the MMORPG genre, and I bet some people too had also got bored of this type of games.  Lately though, I had the itch for MMORPG again.  Recently, I’ve been playing The Secret World, but this doesn’t stop me from glancing around for just another MMORPG.  Out of the blue, I’d read an article on my mobile phone, and it mentioned TERA Rising.  Don’t ask me what article I’d read of, because now I can’t recall even the article’s title or who had wrote it or which organization the article belonged to.  Anyhow, I went and downloaded TERA Rising and tried it out.  The video right after the break is the result of me trying out TERA Rising.  For your information, TERA Rising is a free to play game.

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