Can Nuclear Waste Be Valuable?

waste package

waste package (Photo credit: Fred Dawson)

Here is another interesting video on nuclear energy/technology.  The video right after the break suggests that nuclear waste can actually be partitioned into many other elements that have economic value.  Also, the video suggests that plutonium is one of those nuclear waste elements which will be around for a long time if it won’t be used up somehow, therefore hiding this away somewhere underneath the earth can still pose a threat to society.  How?  Some evildoers might have the ability to extract plutonium out of its hiding repository and use plutonium for a more dangerous purpose (i.e., nuclear weapon purpose).  So, as the video suggests that if plutonium can be extracted and reused as a source of nuclear energy, there will be no plutonium reserved for evildoers to go to for their evil nuclear purposes.  Anyhow, check the video out right after the break.

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