Thorium Is Now Gaining Popularity; China Pushes For Thorium Kind Of Nuclear Energy

Nuclear power plant symbol

Nuclear power plant symbol (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Back in November 14, 2011, I had written “Can Thorium Be The Only One Element That Energizes The World Of The Future?” article, and this article highlighted what some nuclear energy experts had suggested.  They suggested that the world might be safer and more energy abundant if nuclear energy can be developed with Thorium (90-Th) and not of Uranium (92-U).  At the time of the writing, I was pessimistic about Thorium future.  Just now though, I’d read The Telegraph’s “China blazes trail for ‘clean’ nuclear power from thorium” article, and suddenly Thorium seems to get a lot more attention than usual.  The Telegraph article suggested that not only China, but Norway, Japan, and UK are also looking into ways that they can harness Thorium for nuclear energy.  With all of the commotions for Thorium now, I suppose to be optimistic about a possible future with abundant amount of safe, green energy.  Nonetheless, the future has yet to be written, therefore we cannot be too sure on such a future until we really see it.

2 thoughts on “Thorium Is Now Gaining Popularity; China Pushes For Thorium Kind Of Nuclear Energy

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