Stupidest Idea Among Stupidest Ideas Of Our Time: Pay Up When Linking Or Else… You Will Get Sue?

world wide web

world wide web (Photo credit: alles-schlumpf)

I think newspaper is a dinosaur form of spreading news, because it’s not relevant to how our today world works.  Today world, we do not need to use newspaper to get our news, because we have our news in digital forms.  Nonetheless, the same organizations that once made it big in newspaper world are now also the ones that churn out the news in the digital world.  The digital world isn’t the same as the world that newspaper came from, because everyone can make news.  This is why newspaper organizations who are responsible for some really informative news find it hard to make the same amount of revenue as before.  There simply just too many fishes in the ocean now, and just about any fish can have the presentation of the big fish.  Competition is good for news consumers (readers) though!

With the advances of Google search, Facebook, Flickr, Twitter, Skype, and so much more, it’s hard to not notice that news, collectively, is now can be in many forms.  Just about any news form in this digital world of ours, as long there are big audiences for such a form, news can become viral and spread throughout the society easily.  We can also simply call this as the Web!  The Web is basically consisting of all sorts of things, and news, collectively, is only a small part of the web.  For an example, another small part of the web is shopping online.  So, when I saw BusinessInsider broke “Irish Newspapers Want To Pass A Law That Would Mean Anyone Who Links To Their Articles Would Have To Pay” story, I told myself that I do not want to read the article as the title is already clear as day.

In my opinion, it’s insane for the Irish Newspapers to even fantasize about charging for people linking to their news articles.  I should not even waste my little energy to dabble on this particular topic, because it’s so stupid, beyond idiocy, for someone to think that it’s OK to charge someone for linking to his or her story.  Like I said, news, collectively, is only a small part of the Web.  What about other parts of the web that attentively want to link to never ever ending streams of links?  Furthermore, linking is a tradition which the Web cannot do without.  So, if there will ever be a law in the world, not Ireland since Ireland is only a part of the world, that passes to allow some people to sue others for not paying when linking, the Web will be broken immediately, if not gradually.  No one wants to link to anything, and the Web will become a broken web.  The Web itself needs not to be called the Web anymore if no one is linking to anyone else’s stories for fearing of being sued.  What a boring place this will be if this ever happens to the Web!

Luckily, Ireland isn’t ruling the world, therefore let hope Ireland knows its place and not passing this very stupid idea into law.  I don’t see how this will work out well for Ireland, because Ireland cannot impose its laws onto other nations.  Other nations will continue to allow web links to be used as how web links should be used, that is to be linked by other web links.  Will someone in Ireland start to go to United Nations just to sue another person in another nation for linking to his or her story?

If one day, our digital world morphs into the way the Ireland newspapers have imagined and wanted, even Google will go out of business.  Google’s search business is all about linking to various parts of the Web so regular folks can use Google Search to search for whatever.  If Google has to start to pay for every link, besides the humongous money/revenue outflow problem, Google has to also worry about the humongous, cumbersome administrative tasks in regarding to who Google needs to pay to and how long Google needs to pay in order for Google Search to function properly.  And so on…  I do think you get the gist!  Without Google Search or Bing, do you think the Web is navigable?  Sure, it might be navigable, but not to the extent of how we would enjoy with Google Search, Bing, and other search engines out there.

If someone starts to pass laws that impose on some of us to pay for linking to someone’s stories, I would prefer not to participate in such a lame Web!  Economic parts of the world that rely on the Web to function might have a hard time of bringing home the bacon if a broken Web is the way to go. Here I waste my little energy to write this article to vent my frustration of hearing such a stupidest idea that is being proposed in Ireland, because it’s very dangerous and stupid idea, if let it grows an inch, it might endanger the survival of the Web.  I bet most people think the Web is not perfect, but it’s definitely awesome as it is.  Of course, it can be improved in more constructive ways, but Ireland newspapers way is not constructive at all.  I say, let link freely and more, and no one should be imposed upon by laws to be forced into paying for web linking.  No one stops anybody in demanding for paying up to have the ability to link to certain stories, but that’s business kind of thing and not some sort of laws that impose upon everyone, senselessly.


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